Report: A miracle confirmed for John Paul II’s canonization process

Leading Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli reports today that the Vatican’s medical experts have approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed John Paul II, a major step forward for his cause for canonization.

This is awesome! Now we just have to wait and see if this leads to his canonization! :extrahappy:

I admit when I read that the approval over the alledged miracle for his beatification was NOT unanimous, but went ahead anyway, I was left cynical at the process…

It is not completly aproved yet. :slight_smile: :gopray2:

**This is Awesome!!!

I love You Bl. JP2!! Pray for me!!**

Very good news! I was hoping that this would happen sooner or later. Let’s see where it all leads. :thumbsup:

Wait, so he’s not a saint yet? :confused:

It does not need to be unanimous. If it was approved by the Pope it was approved. If JPII is canonized, it will be by the Pope, and he is the final word, no one else needs to agree.

Blessed John Paul the Second, pray for us!

No, he is beatified. That is the last step before canonization.

Wonderful news. I was fortunate enough to be in Rome when he was beatified. Such a special experience. Blessed John Paul, please pray for us. “Call me Wujeck”

That’s probably because you’re looking at the process through the eyes of an American. One must remember that the Holy See is not the USA. Church laws depend on the will of the Pontiff. He is both the Pontiff and Absolute Ruler. He is subject to no law.

In simple terms, if there is a doubt about a miracle, as was the case with the first miracle, it is the right of the pope to resolve the doubt one way or the other. That’s what Pope Benedict did. He read the reports and he decided that he was satisfied with what he read.

This does not cast a shadow on the process at all, because the miracles are not a requirement for canonization. They are legal requirements, not doctrinal or traditional requirements. We have hundreds of saints who never went through the process and were never formally canonized, such as the Apostles and the Church Fathers.

Then we have saints that were canonized against the advice of the Cardinals such as St. Francis of Assisi, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Clare of Assisi. These saints were never studied. They were never Venerable or Blessed. They were canonized because the popes doing the canonization were their friends. They knew them well enough to vouch for them.

Pope Benedict knew Pope John Paul quite well. They had been friends and colleagues since the 1960s. In reality, Pope Benedict allowed the study and the alleged miracle to sooth the cardinals and those laymen who would have been upset he he had proceeded to canonize without the formalities of the law. But the pope can certainly do so. Canonization is an Ex Cathedra decree. At the end of the day, the person is in heaven with or without the endorsement of the pope. The pope is solemnly declaring that the Church knows and believes that this person is in heaven and he proceeds to command the Church to venerate this person. This does not require a miracle, if the pope chooses not to go that route.

Yes he is. There is a difference between being a saint and being canonized.

Being a saint means that the person is in heaven. Being canonized means that the pope proclaims that the Church knows and believes that a person is in heaven and he commands the Church (all of us) to venerate that person.

In simple words, you cannot canonize someone who is not already a saint. That’s like burying someone who has not been born. It’s an oxymoron. For the Church to declare that you’re a saint, you must be in heaven.

Thanks for share the post with us.

You don’t know whether or not he is a saint. We suspect he is, but until the church declares it, we are guessing. None of us has the authority to proclaim anyone a saint no matter what kind of life the person led.

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