Report: Archbishop Cordileone at U.S. Bishops' Meeting: We Will Continue, U.S. Supreme Court Cannot Redefine Marriage

San Francisco’s Archbishop Cordelileine told the U.S.bishops meeting in St. Louis that if the U.S.Supreme Court approves gay marriage, “we may have to suffer this lie about marriage and the law, but we must not participate in it or keep silent about it. Nothing the court says can change what marriage truly is.” Before this unprecedented challenge we must rely on God’s grace, “seeking God’s face…”

If the Supreme Court does indeed approve all gay marriage…mark my words, as soon as this happens, the CC will have gay couples lining up to have marriages done, of course this will be done out of pure spite, but now they will have the law on their side…I really fear, if this case goes the wrong way in the Supreme court, we are in for some very rough times, Maybe these are the times Jesus was talking about when he said many would be imprisoned due to his name?

I just don’t get the rhetoric around the Catholic Church, or any church, being forced to perform same sex weddings. This is all about civil marriage, and nothing more.

Tens of thousands of people who are ineligible to be married in the Catholic church get marriage licenses every year. Divorced without annulment, other religions, Catholics without proper dispensations, the list goes on and on. A priest decides who can be married in his church, full stop. The priest can even refuse marriage to two Catholics with no impediment to marriage if they don’t take prescribed pre-marriage courses or counseling.

A marriage license is just the approval by the state for two people to marry. It does not confer the right to be married in any church, and it does not require any church to perform a marriage.

Same sex marriages are just one more type of civil marriage. Churches (Catholic and other) will continue to have the right to only perform those weddings they approve of. Can you cite any example in the US where a Church was legally forced to perform a marriage against it’s will?

Why would SSM be any different?

Yeah, I’m sure some gay activists will try to force a Catholic Church to marry them but it won’t get very far in court.

I think quite a few Catholics would like there to be a ruling that they would be compelled to perform SSM. Something solid to argue against. Otherwise gay couples are going to get married, the sky won’t fall, civilisation won’t crumble and everyone will carry on as usual. In a couple of generations people will ask - hey Grandad, what was all that fuss being made about marriages when you were growing up?

Notwithstanding that some churches will voluntarily perform the ceremonies in any case.

Okay, here’s the thing. In every movement of every stripe, there are those who are not satisfied with any “victory”. In the mind of the “Radical Left” as well as the “Radical Right”, it is not a true victory until all dissent has been silenced. If there should be a ruling at the Supreme Court level that mandates that all states allow “marriages” between same-sex couples, the next step for activists would be to mandate all who sign a state marriage certificate to sign for same-sex “marriages”, as well, even if they do so as a representative of a religious community that does not recognize a same-sex union as a marriage, such as (a) the Catholic Church, (b) Islam, © Orthodox Judaism, etc., etc., etc.

As the Catholic Church is the most outspoken on this issue (and the only allowable target for activists, as no one is allowed to question Islam or Orthodox Judaism), all that needs to happen is for a single gay couple who are baptized (not necessarily practicing) Catholics to ask a priest to “marry” them - and for the priest to refuse based on Catholic teaching not accepting same-sex “marriage” as even possible. They could then sue the Church, and have it fought all the way to the SCOTUS.

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