"Report:Baby covered in rodent bites bled to death

This is awful, poor baby…

"Report: Baby covered in rodent bites bled to death

WESTWEGO, La. -A 3-month-old suburban New Orleans girl whose body was covered with rodent bites bled to death before she was found in her crib, according to an autopsy released Wednesday."…

Entire article here: news.aol.com/article/report-baby-found-with-rodent-bites-bled/584248?icid=sphere_newsaol_inpage

Oh gosh, that’s terrible!! That is so sad :(. Do they know if it was a homicide or what?
The happy part about it though is that now the baby is in heaven.

Well, it isn’t a homicide as far as I know, although I suppose some criminal charge is possible since authorities are investigating. I think the family was just living in such squalor that the rats killed the baby in her crib during the night. The article indicated that rat traps had been set, but I guess the infestation was out of control. It is just awful to contemplate

Yes, at least the little one cannot suffer anymore and is at peace now.

May this beautiful baby be happy now in Jesus’ arms…I’m trying not to judge these parents, but I can’t imagine this baby wasn’t screaming like crazy if something was biting her, so than why wasn’t she checked on before she lost consciousness…?

I wondered about that too. Why didn’t her parents come to her aid? I would think she cried and screamed. I just hope that the horror and pain were over quickly and that she didn’t suffer long.

for sure… i am very surprised no charges have been filed yet…

how much evidence do they need for cyring out loud??

how come no rats bit the parents???

looks like there’s plenty of evidence of abuse…

This is so horrible. This happened just a few miles from where I live. I read in the local paper today that the parents are requesting a second autopsy. They are wondering the same thing you are all wondering. What didn’t the baby cry out? They say if she had, they would have heard.
There was a comment on one of the reports that if the rodent had bit into an artery, the baby would have quickly bled to death. It is so sad that people live in such squalid conditions.The house they were in had been condemned as inhabitable. So sad!

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