Report: Benedict says TLM in private

At least that’s what CWNews is reporting:

That link is not working. Here is a link that works:

I hope Pope Benedict celebrates the Latin Mass publicly soon.

Yeh to show by example!. I hope when he comes to NY next year the Papal Mass will be the TLM.

Beat me to it! I was just excitedly “running” over here to post this story :smiley:

I somehow suspected that the Holy Father still used the Traditional Rite in his private Masses.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I would wager that some Bishops around the world are stunned and aghast at this development not to mention other more progressive thinkers among us.

I saw him once slip up and do a gesture while offering the ordinary form which are only present in the older form (genuflecting before the elevation).

Anyway, you’d think his renovation of the chapel would have tipped them off earlier :rolleyes:

This is going to make it quite decidedly harder to deny the TLM to the faithful over here-- and I speak as one well acquainted with the Liturgy Gulag’s forty year reign of atrocities against the Roman Rite.

No offense to CWN but the pope has always wanted the Novus Ordo Mass ad orientem so I wouldn’t exactly say this is proof that he is saying the TLM in private. From what I’ve been told by people who actually know him personally, he prefers the Novus Ordo as called for by the council but doesn’t have a problem and will say the TLM. If you ever go to Fr. Fessio’s retreat house, you will also see an altar set up for ad orientem but he says the Novus Ordo exclusively.:shrug:


Informed sources at the Vatican have confirmed reports that the Holy Father regularly celebrates Mass using the 1962 Roman Missal.

The Italian State Televison (RAI) recently was allowed to follow the Pope in his daily routine and to film him.
The documentary “L’ appartamento” was broadcast a few weeks ago on RAI International and the filming of the daily Mass showed the Pope co-celebrating with two other priests and the Mass was the NO in Italian and Ad Orientem.
Only four or five faithfuls (staff) do usually participate to that Mass.


Praise God!

May God bless pope Benedict XVI!

Instaurae omnia in Christo


Makes one wonder what else is coming up. But it sounds good.

What is the confirmation? Your link quotes the link of the OP as a source, and the link of the OP mentions rumors.

I can take rumors, but a confirmation has to come from an independent second source. See 'All the President’s men":smiley:

What is the confirmation?

You’re right. I didn’t see that at first. I deleted my note.

The pope’s private liturgical practices are, to be honest, irrelevant to liturgical discussions.

There was talk in the 70s that Paul VI retained the Tridentine Mass for his private liturgies. Irrelevant.

There was talk that John Paul II used the Tridentine Mass at Castel Gandolfo on some occasions. Irrelevant.

On this one, Bugnini was right…official pronouncements and published documents are authoritative, not what a pope does in his chapel.

I suspect Benedict XVI has used the Tridentine Mass in private since becoming pope, whether habitually or not. Doesn’t make an iota of difference in this liturgy’s status. Summorum Pontificum does.

The pope’s private liturgical practices are, to be honest, irrelevant to liturgical discussions.

True, but doesn’t example count for something?

not always…the pope is immune to canon law (he is only judged by God according to the moral law), so he can do whatever he wants (within reason).

For example, Pope St. Pius X would oftentimes get bored during long, drawn out papal Masses, so he’d keep a plug of chewing tobacco in his mouth during Mass. Canon law back then was pretty strict about ordinary Catholics and the Communion fast. However, because he is pope, he can dispense himself form the rule.

So, who could tell a Pope what Missal he had to celebrate from? No one. He can dispense himself from the norm. He’s Pope.

Now, that having been said, I think it is interesting that BXVI chooses the '62 Missal, but I’m not surprised. It really is a beautiful Mass.

Never trust “unnamed sources”

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