Report: bishop praises Russian intervention in Syria [CWN]

Sputnik, a news agency owned by the Russian government, reported that a bishop in Syria’s largest city has praised Russian intervention in Syria as “a good …


‘Russian operation in Syria is our salvation’ – top Syrian Catholic bishop to RT

*“We see Russia’s military operation as a real effort to fight terrorism. What is especially important is that this military campaign goes in parallel with promotion of peace process,”

Most Reverend Georges Abou Khazen, Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo for the Latins who was appointed by Pope Francis in 2013, told RT in a telephone interview. “We really hope that the peace process will soon prevail over fighting all across Syria,” the bishop added.

“The majority of Syrian people” of all backgrounds and faith “regard Russian military campaign as salvation, a way out of the state we’ve been enduring for five years,” the Catholic bishop said, adding that “Syrians are very positive about it.”

“Russia’s actions are not limited to the military operation. Russia makes a very positive impact by stimulating the negotiations process, and promotes dialogue between various Syrian groups,” Bisoph Abou Khazen said.

Syrian minorities have been especially suffering from the conflict, the bishop told RT. Noting that there are over 20 religious and ethnic groups in the Syrian society, the Aleppo vicar said that before the conflict they’ve all lived in harmony. “Our pre-war society was like a beautiful multicolored mosaic. But unfortunately, it has been destroyed,” he said.

Saying that challenges of the situation in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the region with “the massive exodus of Christians from the land in which our faith was first disseminated,”*

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