Report Calls for Action Amid Planned Parenthood ‘Abuses and Corruption’


From the National Catholic Register.



Right. I read this about a week ago on Live Action’s News site ( Unfortunately, I think the only way PP’s funding will be taken away is if the gov’t takes away funding for ALL non-profit organizations, except for savings account insurance coverage for credit unions and veterans groups. Why? Simply put, because if PP’s money is taken away (as it should be) due to citizens objecting their cause for existence, people will start saying that they object to the NRA receiving funds from the gov’t (which they do) or that they object to the Red Cross receiving money from the gov’t (which they do).

People on both sides object to groups receiving money from the gov’t that push causes that they don’t agree with. The only reason they tolerate such money being spent by the gov’t in the first place is because they know that allowing groups that they don’t agree with to receive gov’t funds allows groups that they do agree with to also receive funds.

BTW, the reason I excepted credit union insurance is due to the fact that for-profit banks also are insured, and having insurance for financial institurions allows people to have confidence in the institutions. And I excepted veteran’s groups due to the fact that it is our sacred obligation as a country to care for those who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


The sad thing is, this kind of corruption, mismanagement of money and other undesired conduct could be found in almost any organization out there, from those working in environmental projects, education, the Red Cross (Has already been discovered to be handling funds inappropriately) etc. So do we take all government money away from all NPO’s? That is possible I imagine.

If we did the current NPO’s would all have to increase their fundraising efforts to make up the difference, but then they would be freer to function outside of government control. It is actually my opinion that as soon as any organization accepts government funding it should no longer be classified as a non-profit. But that is just my opinion.

This “dual funding” (my term) has been part of the reason some of the Catholic NPO’s have run into trouble with how they can practice or carry out their mission. As soon as they accept any government aid the government can start telling them what to do and how to allocate the funds. So maybe we would be better off if all NPO’s were entirely dependent on those who support them out of their own interest. Just a thought.


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