Report: "‘Fatima’ Movie to Open April 24 on 1,000 Screens."

This 2-minute trailer shows what this movie is like:


Oh,it looks good ! :smiley:

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Was that Harvey Keitel?

It looks wonderful. Needed to go to an alternative site since I am abstaining from Facebook and YouTube for Lent. Very well done and the music sounds amazing. I always compare Fatima movies to the one in 1952. The acting definitely seems there especially with Harvey Keitel. Hopefully they get all the facts correct. Would be an amazing time to watch and would be extra special if there was a way to say the Rosary with a theatre of people before the movie started. I will definitely be checking it out if it comes to Fresno, California. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

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I thought the preview looked okay till the soupy contemporary-Christian music started.
Seems like every faith-based movie has that same kind of music nowadays, and it’s not to my taste.
I’ll likely give it a miss, I can just read Sister Lucia’s memoirs again instead.


I’m so confused does she have her writing in one volume or is it three or four books?

Also how do we know it was really her who wrote the books?

I heard they replaced her with a decoy… :dragon_face::crazy_face::flying_saucer:

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I believe there were 2 volumes of her memoirs. The second volume was mostly about her father and her mother. A lot of the memoirs are more about her daily life and her family and friends than the visions. It’s interesting to read about the games that she and her friends including Francisco and Jacinta would play. I’ve been to their houses so it’s kind of like reading a Laura Ingalls Wilder book about how people lived in a distant place and time. The memoirs about what the kids did and stuff they said sounded really authentic to me. They sound like kids.

I notice there is some edition out now that has excerpts of someone else’s Fatima book in it as well. I don’t have that edition and really just want to read the stories from Sister Lucia.

Kind of hard for me to think that any conspiracy-minded people would be sitting around making up stories about the minutiae of children’s lives in a village. Anyway, I trust that the Church would not be allowing fake things to be printed especially since these memoirs have been out for quite a long time.

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Well the Church was infiltrated by the Alpha Draconians during the Napoleonic Wars when they recovered their technology that is hidden underneath the Vatican Catacombs… :crazy_face:


If you don’t mind sharing the titles that would be great.

I wanted to read them but was confused by all the books St Sr Lucia wrote.

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I realize you are joking.
But in all seriousness I do sometimes wonder how/ why certain seers like St. Bernadette and Sts. Francisco and Jacinta were very holy and became canonized saints, while other child seers of Vatican-approved apparitions (Banneux, Beauraing, La Salette) seem to have been ignored totally or in the case of the La Salette children went on to lead somewhat unhappy lives. Of course, they could all still be heavenly saints, we just don’t hear about them as they aren’t formally canonized.
I do wonder why we never hear about the other apparitions and seers though.

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These are the ones I got. I may have bought them at Fatima though I can’t remember for sure now - I know I bought them at a Catholic book store. Please note, if you use the “Look inside” feature on Amazon it shows you a different edition that has the excerpt from someone else’s book.

There’s another book called “Calls from the Message of Fatima” by Sister Lucia that I don’t have, I think it’s more of a short prayer/ reflection book.

The two memoirs and the “Calls” book are the only books she wrote, to my knowledge.


I’m little fuzzy on La Salette if I recall the children had been pestered their whole lives and some weren’t as able to live a secluded religious life.

The first written recollection of the visions were asked to be written not unlike with Fatima however unlike Fatima were approved and then banned oddly…

Then another version was written and it stayed approved and then the first version was taken off the banned list in 1999.

It dealt with the Church being infiltrated by Satan and the Antichrist forces.

A lot of hype about it but Our Lady of Good Success mentions the Freemasons before they really became a thing.

St Bernadette was given secrets she never revealed them.

I’m more curious about St Bernadette’s secrets but if you look at a lot of these apparitions you get an idea of what’s coming.


Yes, it seems like the message is pretty consistent across all the apparitions and it did come to pass in large part with WWI and WWII.

Maybe St. Bernadette’s secrets were just for her, like personal about her family or something.


Some apparitions are Bishop approved, some Vatican approved, they both mean they are approved…

But it’s probably more assuring to have an apparition that is more than “locally” approved. In my opinion.

Yes, but my point is that there are a number of Vatican-approved apparitions that we do not hear very much about.

Currently there are 15 Vatican-approved Marian Apparitions (Possibly 16, the Miracle Hunter site is not totally clear, but we’ll go with the lower number).

We hear about Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima quite a bit. We hear about Knock if we’re Irish (No message was delivered there, just a vision), and we hear a little bit about Kibeho.
Devotees of the Miraculous Medal may know about Rue de Bac in which the Blessed Mother provided the medal design to St. Catherine Laboure.
That’s 6 apparitions out of the 15.

The other 9, we rarely hear about. The Rome apparition to Alphonse Ratisbonne (Our Lady of SIon) is unlikely to be talked about any time soon because of its connection to conversion of the Jewish people. It would likely be currently perceived as anti-Semitic.

That leave 8 more Vatican-approved Marian apparitions that are rarely mentioned. Perhaps they are discussed more in their own countries only.

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From the website for the movie:

See at link “get tickets” and it tells you if there is a theater near you that will show it in late April.

So, indeed, yes, we do have a theater that is not that far that will be showing it. I’m saying “not that far”, it is according to the maps, less than 10 miles away.

Laus France and now, Champion Wisconsin too and yes, Rwanda too.

So, 15 might even be a bit low. I’m getting 17 but whatever, it’s in that general neighborhood.

I have meant to try to go to Champion Wisconsin if given the opportunity.

But if I can not go, I hope some earnest prayer or sacrifice will be heard by the Lord.

Add on: I think Champion Wisconsin is near Green Bay and I’m under the impression, Relevant Radio is headquartered in that area.

I too would like to go to Champion, Wisconsin, although I cannot go this year.
However, it is only Bishop-approved. Not Vatican-approved as of now.

The Vatican-approved apparitions are:

  • Guadalupe (Mexico)
  • Siluva (Lithuania)
  • Laus (France) (Our Lady of Happy Meetings)
  • Rue de Bac, Paris (France) (MIraculous Medal)
  • Rome (Italy) (Our Lady of Zion)
  • La Salette (France)
  • Lourdes (France)
  • Fillippsdorf (Czech Republic)
  • Pontmain (France) (Our Lady of Hope)
  • Gietrzwald (Poland)
  • Knock (Ireland)
  • Fatima (Portugal)
  • Beauraing (Belgium) (Virgin of the Golden Heart)
  • Banneux (Belgium) (Virgin of the Poor)
  • Kibeho (Rwanda) (Mother of the Word)

And possibly

  • Lezajsk (Poland) - Miracle Hunter has this in the list of Vatican-approved apparitions on the page, but not in the drop-down menu. It does appear to have been approved by some Popes, from the description.

No showtimes for Pittsburgh, (the nearest major city to me) which I find shocking since that is a heavily Catholic area. But there’s a month and a half to go, so maybe more theaters will be added.

I was looking forward to this film but when I read that they were changing some history from Sr. Lucia’s memoirs for artistic license I was disappointed. As well, for whatever reason, Our Lady walks on the ground in the mud rather than floating or standing on the Azinhara tree in the Cova da Iria.

I may still it though when I can. I do wonder how much involvement Barbara Nicolosi had in the screenwriting process as I can’t see her changing major things for artistic reasons…

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