Report finds Church of England failed to deal with sex abuse by clergy


CANTERBURY, England (RNS) The Church of England has promised to make far-reaching changes in dealing with future sex abuse cases after the publication of the first independent review commissioned by the country’s established church into its handling of such cases in the past.

The report’s conclusions highlight the “deeply disturbing” failure of those in senior clerical positions to pass on information about the cries for help from a survivor known only as “Joe” over a period of almost four decades.

A report Tuesday (March 15) in The Guardian identifies the clergy as Tim Thornton, bishop of Truro; Richard Holloway, former bishop of Edinburgh; John Eastaugh, deceased bishop of Hereford; and Stephen Platten, former bishop of Wakefield.


People will probably still give the Catholic Church the toughest time about the sex abuse.


I’ve sometimes wondered if that’s only because the Catholic Church proclaims itself to be the one and only true Church of Christ so people hold it and its bishops to the highest standards. By that I mean for instance some people may ask themselves not so much whether priests sin, but whether an apostolic successor of Christ’s only true Church would cover up child sex abuse? And they may ask themselves if by their fruits they shall know them? It is certainly a problem though in whatever setting. Whether in our churches, schools, or even family settings. Let us pray.


Unfortunately, no institution with humans in it is pure.

Sometimes people cover things up to avoid embarrassment or think they are serving the greater good, but once the truth got on this, it was just another bludgeon that people use to hit the Church with at a time in the First World were spiritual leadership is desperately needed.


I agree which is why I am leery to place faith in any human. Or at least not full faith.


Jesus is human :thumbsup:


This was briefly reported on an English national news channel too, which isn’t usually the case unless its the Catholic church that’s involved.

Shameful that it should happen in any religion, yet its been known for years that clergy sexual abuse occurs in the Anglican church and other faiths.
I only mention this because when its only Catholic church incidents that get reported in the media, the impression given to the wider public is that the shocking abuses only ever happen in the Catholic church.


I don’t think the public thinks that at all.
Abuse has been reported by the media that involve clergy of other religions and it makes front page news.
This report has so far been reported by The UK Guardian, Reuters, the BBC, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Australian, The International Business Times, ABC news, and more. And I’ll bet there is more reporting to come.



With regard to England, you may well be mistaken. Even some of my non-Catholic friends have observed the same.

I’m not only referring to the abuse report that the OP posted, I’m also referring to past decades of sexual child abuse not reported in the media.


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