Report Finds Over 1,200 Crimes Against Churches in 2009

There were at least 1,237 crimes committed against Christian churches and ministries in the United States this past year, according to a report released Monday.

Included among the crimes are 12 homicides and 38 other violent incidents – including three sexual assaults and three kidnappings – 98 arsons and over 700 burglaries, according to the 2009 “Crimes Against Christian Organizations in the United States” report published by the Christian Security Network.

The network said the church burglaries resulted in an estimated $24 million in property loss.

“It is disheartening to see all these incidents and loss of life in churches in 2009 and even sadder because we know 2010 isn’t going to be any different unless the status-quo changes,” said Jeff Hawkins, executive director of the Christian Security Network, in announcing the release of the report.

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