Report: Gay couples similar to straight spouses

SAN FRANCISCO — Same-sex couples who identify as married are similar to straight spouses in terms of age and income, and nearly one-third of them are raising children, according to Census data released Monday that provides a demographic snapshot of gay families in America.

The study released by a think tank based at UCLA also found that Utah and Wyoming were among the states with the highest percentages of gay spouses in 2008, despite being heavily conservative states with no laws providing legal recognition of gay relationships.

The data from the annual American Community Survey showed that nearly 150,000 same-sex couples in the U.S., or more than one in four, referred to one another as “husband” or “wife,” although UCLA researchers estimate that no more than 32,000 of the couples were legally married.

The couples had an average age of 52 and household incomes of $91,558, while 31 percent were raising children. That compares with an average age of 50, household income of $95,075 and 43 percent raising children for married heterosexual couples.

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How nice of the folks in San Francisco to provide all that helpful data…

In the meantime you might want to look at a collection of articles by Dr. Trayce Hansen impacting the issue of gay adoption. Also a news article on the shocking shutdown of Catholic Adoption Services in Boston this past March 2006. If the gay activist community truly cared about adopting children why would they force THAT to happen.


It seems like someone in San Francisco has channeled Alfred Kinsey. That is if they even did any research instead of just making it all up.

Shitaki mushrooms are similiar to death cap mushroom, but one would be foolish to swap the latter for the former when cooking.

– Mark L. Chance.

From Mass Resistance website…

But look a little closer. Nowhere in the article is the name of this UCLA-affiliated “think tank” mentioned. That’s pretty critical. How do we know that this is an unbiased study?

We did a little digging. It turns out that the “think tank” is the Williams Institute, which describes itself as a “gay and lesbian” organization and is dedicated to “advancing critical thought in the field of sexual orientation law and public policy.” It is funded by millions of dollars from wealthy homosexual activists. If you look at their work, it is all about pushing the normalization of homosexuality through some study or research conclusion. Not exactly unbiased. But the Associated Press doesn’t mention that at all.

  Williams institute website - [](
  Link to the study referred to in the AP article on Williams Institute site -

Same-Sex Spouses and Unmarried Partners in the American Community Survey, 2008

This is a prime example why people should not trust the mainstream media. It’s the worst kind of journalism and it’s all too common these days


If gay people want to adopt kids let em. I mean the reason most of them are in that situation is because their straight biological parents didn’t want them, so we might as well give them to people who will love them.

I know several gay families. Two lesbian couples are raising children together…One couple is raising two children, one child is one of the woman’s biological child…the other child is adopted…a “cast away” child that his biological parents didn’t want.

The other lesbian couple adopted an AIDS baby.

One male couple I know has a severly handicapped child confined to a wheelchair…no one wanted her…these two men decided to give this child a loving home instead of condemning her to a life in an institution…she is loved and cared for…these two men dote on her and have her in physical therapy and have all their medical care handled.

The adopted children were cast aside by their biological moms and dads…no one would even consider adopting them…until these three couples entered their lives. The couple who adopted the AIDS baby said that they wanted to give the children love and let them know they were wanted…they knew what it was to be “cast aside” by their own families and faith tradition…their child would never be “cast aside”.

I can think of a big difference.

Granted that in the literature of the causes of same sex attraction there is a strong environmental component, I don’t think this can be lumped under “their straight biological parents didn’t want them.” Less would such a reason have for adoption policies. Did you read the articles at the link provided? Same sex “parents” is just poor public policy for all the reasons cited in the articles.


The anecdotal does not a public policy make. The evidence cited by Dr. Trayce Hansen are more than sufficient for why “Love is not enough.” And anyone who thinks gay activists are there for the kids is simply delusional. The experience of Boston Catholic Charities pulling out of adoption services is more than a cautionary tale.


Why would anyone want to make a policy of not doing what is in the child’s best interest? Same sex households can not offer as good of an environment as a regular household. Children need opposite sex parents, it really helps. You can argue about that forever, but it will remain true. Not to mention the instability of these households is far more common than in regular homes, both in terms of splitting up and violence, and sexual abuse. It’s just not a good thing for the children at all.

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