Report: Gay Extremists Have Destroyed the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston

“C.J. Doyle of the Catholic League of Massachusetts says what Christians are witnessing is the complete de-Christianization of St. Patrick’s Day.”

Catholic there now want to drop the words “St Patrick” from this parade.

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It seems to have been going downhill with all the drinking and intemperance. I am sure Saint Patrick is quite sad (except he is in heaven and incapable of such) that his feast day is being used in a way that doesn’t bring souls to God.

Hysterical conspiracy theory nonsense by a nutty nobody who believes Mitt Romney had a secret agenda to promote gay rights when he was governor of MA. Tin-foil hat time.


Mardi Gras used to be a Christian event, too, but from what I’ve heard, if you go to the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans you’ll find that there are a lot of drunk people there and women flashing their breasts. And those are mostly straight people. So it’s not just St. Patrick’s day parades.


Mardi Gras is another disgrace.

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I didn’t see any conspiracy theory. Could you point it out for me?

Read the original article:

and check out her website:

She’s whack-a-doodle as they come.

Oh I didn’t know that.

The article the OP linked to dialed down the nuttiness a lot.

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The mainstream media have also been reporting on these events, see

When I think of Saint Paddy’s - Irish day - city of Boston -
I think of the vivid color green - tough men -
hearty jovial men -
Traditional music playing - historical poetry recited -
The Clancy Brothers - mugs of beer clinking together -

NOT … well…you know…

Where little kids look up at their parents …
wondering why men are kissing each other and wearing certain clothing …

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