Report: Gay Extremists Have Destroyed the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston


“C.J. Doyle of the Catholic League of Massachusetts says what Christians are witnessing is the complete de-Christianization of St. Patrick’s Day.”

Catholic there now want to drop the words “St Patrick” from this parade.


It seems to have been going downhill with all the drinking and intemperance. I am sure Saint Patrick is quite sad (except he is in heaven and incapable of such) that his feast day is being used in a way that doesn’t bring souls to God.


Hysterical conspiracy theory nonsense by a nutty nobody who believes Mitt Romney had a secret agenda to promote gay rights when he was governor of MA. Tin-foil hat time.


Mardi Gras used to be a Christian event, too, but from what I’ve heard, if you go to the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans you’ll find that there are a lot of drunk people there and women flashing their breasts. And those are mostly straight people. So it’s not just St. Patrick’s day parades.


Mardi Gras is another disgrace.


I didn’t see any conspiracy theory. Could you point it out for me?


Read the original article:

and check out her website:

She’s whack-a-doodle as they come.


Oh I didn’t know that.


The article the OP linked to dialed down the nuttiness a lot.


The mainstream media have also been reporting on these events, see


When I think of Saint Paddy’s - Irish day - city of Boston -
I think of the vivid color green - tough men -
hearty jovial men -
Traditional music playing - historical poetry recited -
The Clancy Brothers - mugs of beer clinking together -

NOT … well…you know…

Where little kids look up at their parents …
wondering why men are kissing each other and wearing certain clothing …


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