Report: Hacker Uncovers Proof Chinese Gymnast Is Underage

A determined U.S. computer expert has delved into cached pages on the Internet to unearth Chinese official documents showing a gymnast who took gold in the uneven bars competition, edging the U.S.'s Nastia Liukin, may indeed be underage.


She may not look as if she has reached the minimum competing age of 16, but China said her passport, issued in February, gives her birthday as Jan. 1, 1992. The International Olympic Committee said proof from her passport is good enough.


Finally, he tried the cache of Chinese search engine Baidu. There, he found that Baidu lists two spreadsheets in He’s name, both giving her date of birth as January 1, 1994 — making her 14 years and 220 days old and too young to compete at the Beijing games.

Full story here.

That child does not appear to me to be 16. Neither do a couple of other competitors. Well, this is not surprising. China has been so often dishonest, that it is difficult to know when they are telling the truth.

As for the IOC, will they do anything? Or are they afraid of the juggernaut that is China?

Yet another reason why I do not regret refusing to watch the games on TV. I have only seen the coverage on the evening news.

Yeah and there’s plenty of “proof” that the USA didn’t make a moon landing too. Oh those dishonest Americans…

Are you suggesting the Chinese gov’t cheats and lies?

I don’t think there is any indication in the article that the Chinese government cheated or lied. But it does suggest that He was too young to participate, so some deception and lying would have taken place if the allegation is true.

I would rather see the USA never win a single metal than run a program like China where the little children are removed from homes and sent off to camps. I see little difference between the Chinese athletic program and third world child sweat shops.

In the US, our girl gymnasts leave home at a very young age to devote their lives to the sport. Its voluntary here, though, so I guess that’s the difference. I still don’t like the practice…

Well, the IOC is getting involved.,2933,408541,00.html

Notice the very last line in the article.

Even China’s own Yang Yun, a double bronze medalist in Sydney, said during an interview aired on state broadcaster China Central Television that she was 14 during the 2000 Games.

The IOC investigation will be inconclusive - a spreadsheet or two isn’t proof by itself; that can be explained away as a simple data entry error.

[quote=rpp]Yet another reason why I do not regret refusing to watch the games on TV. I have only seen the coverage on the evening news.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the slow-mo replay of Phelps beating the Serb by .01 seconds, that’s worth watching on the internet.

Ya. but they’re not forced. competion is tough to get into those programs. try reading or looking at the book mao’s last dancer.
Still who cares if they are only 14? there are 14 yr olds performing in the diving events. i think australia had a 12 yr old girl in their diving team in athens. ya gonna tell me diving isnt as dangerous as gymnastics? even if it turned out the gymnist was only 14. if iwas the second place getter i wouldn’t want the medal… cause i was out performed and wouldn’t deserve it either. Just accept it. they were the best. people should learn from WALTER DIX… American awarded the bronze medal in the mens 200M after 2 faster men were disqualified. Upon hearing that he was going to get Bronze after the two “technicalities”… he seemed Indifferent. He didn’t care. Because at the heart of this CHAMPION… he knew he had lost… and when asked why he wasn’t Ecstatic about the rank upgrade he said " well I still lost"… Learn from him.

Just do a full mouth X Ray. Controversy over.

It is against the rules. Everyone must play by the same rules to at least pretend to level the playing field before the “judges” vote for who they like.

Not necessarily. My daughter is 2 yrs behind in getting her permanent teeth. A Full mouth X Ray would not estimate her age correctly.

I do wish they would change the event from women’s gymnastics to girls gymnastics for accuracy sake.

I’m not a dentist, but I remember a dentist associate of mine saying the 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) start erupting about age 16, with the buds visible by 11-12. If the xrays show the teeth haven’t begun forming, it seems to me it would provide a fairly good basis for more invasive tests.

Obviously development can vary, but it would seem rather suspicious if several members of the team all had the same development issue.

its government, they all cheat and lie

and I do agree, younger children should be able to compete, but not while the rule says otherwise

I really enjoyed seeing Oksana Chusovitina (33 years old, competing for Germany) win the silver medal in the vault – finally, a medal in a women’s gymnastics competition being won by an actual woman! :thumbsup:

And the American girls don’t leave home at 3. Many don’t even leave home. Many families have a parent move with the kid to the new training arena. It’s completely different than leaving everyone at 3 and doing nothing but gymnastics.

Are you suggesting the Chinese gov’t cheats and lies?

**Well, the Chinese government certainly cheated and lied in having another girl lip-synch their Ode to the Motherland because she was cuter.

What else have they cheated and lied about?**

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