Report: "Hundreds of Catholics rally behind priest who told lesbian ‘married’ judge not to receive Communion."


Hundreds of Catholics from across the Diocese of Grand Rapids in Michigan attended Mass this wednesday at the priest’s parish to show support for Fr. Scott Nolan who was attacked in the media after telling a lesbian “married” judge she should not present herself to receive Holy Communion.

Bishop Walkowiak issued a statement wednesday in support of Fr. Nolan’s decision, saying that “no community of faith can sustain the public contradiction of its beliefs by its own members.



Why isnt it thousands of Catholics and the Holy See in this report?


It’s finally time that Catholics start acting like Catholics and quit being so complacent and just letting society walk all over us. The church does not conform to society, society should conform to the church. There are many inside the Catholic Church, as well, who care as much as secular society does about the church. Faithful Catholics need to continue to rally and promote authentic catholic teaching and traditions.


Happy to see the good news that a preist is standing up for Catholic truth . Warms my heart .


For get the sexual aspect. The type of sin of the supposed communicant DOES NOT MATTER.

Mortal sin is mortal sin. Some choose to make it obvious, being proud of their sin.


Father has to answer for his example as a Catholic Priest. If he doesn’t stand up for what the Catholic Church teaches then he has to face God one day and answer for that. In cases like this it is usually a way for those in sin to try to make the Church look bad and try to have the Church change her teachings on these issues. God Bless you Father Nolan.


Luckily thousands of Catholics did not join the hundreds.

Yeah…well who are these thousands you speak of?Bishop David Walkowiak supports Fr. Nolan, and that’s all that really matters here.


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It’s not that it is mortal sin, but that it is public, professed, and unapologetic sin . . .


Also known as manifest grave sin. (Which may or may not be mortal, as you said).


“…and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.”

This is a pretty easy bar to get over. It’s very charitable, especially when it’s applied so conservatively. Which seems to be the case pretty much everywhere in the US.

I think there are all types of sinners who should be let to receive communion according to their own conscience. But I don’t think it’s right to fly in the face of authority in such a public way and for so long. You’d think that a judge, of all people, would know not to tempt the hand of authority. But who knows what’s going on over there. :man_shrugging:t3:


We cant be half and half,

we cant say oh I will be Catholic and follow God so long as it suits me.

can we?


It could be that there wasn’t enough room.


People figure that you can just change the definition of a word. Then the law works to support that new meaning, making it “right” and lawful. (Marriage)


We need more bishops like this, and Catholics need to stand up for their faith.


Even as a non-Catholic I applaud that priest for standing on faith and principle in this matter. It took a lot of courage to go against the prevailing culture like that.

However, western Michigan has a reputation of being a more conservative area, so he definitely has more supporters there than if his counterpart in San Francisco or a more liberal area had done likewise.

Nevertheless, I hope this brave priest and bishop serve as an example for others to follow. Some day I hope the priests and bishops of famous Catholic politicians who publicly brag about their support of abortion in the name of choice will follow his lead, although I hope and pray that these Catholic parishioners who flaunt Church teaching will have a change of heart most of all.


Words are a powerful tool to change society


Yet the God-given definition of marriage as a communion of persons between one man and one woman, mirroring the heavenly bride and Bridegroom, never changes. The devil is behind same-sex “marriage;” it is the most unholy opposite of holy matrimony.


The judge was married three years ago and apparently her marriage was not a secret, so I wonder why it took the priest so long. It sounds like he finally took action because she and others came to church wearing “pride” pins of some sort.

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