Report: Iran to send ships to Gaza

The Iranian Red Crescent announced on Monday that it will be sending two ships to Gaza this week.

AFP quoted the Red Crescent director for international affairs Abdolrauf Adibzadeh as saying: “One ship will carry donations made by the people and the other will carry relief workers. The ships will be sent to Gaza by end of this week.”

In 2009 Iran sent an aid ship which was intercepted and denied access to Gaza; a Lebanese ship was also stopped, although blood donations it was carrying were transferred to Gaza.

I don’t see why a ship of the Iranian Red Crescent would need to be allowed passage to Gaza. Although it is a humanitarian organization, it is a national organization of a hostile country. Its not the ICRC. And as the quote above shows, there is already precedent for stopping similar shipments.

A scary possibility is if Iran puts Revolutionary Guards aboard its Red Crescent ships. Just yesterday, Iran’s top leader offered to send Revolutionary Guard ships as protection to other blockade running flotillas. That offer wasn’t very credible. But if Revolutionary Guard troops are aboard the Red Crescent ships to repel any Israeli boarders… it could be very bad.

The Iranian Red Cresent tried last year and was diverted to an inspection point. I assume the same thing will happen this week.

Israel will have no real choice but to hold the line of the blockade—if they still want to be respected as a viable state and a formidable power in the region, that is.

Iran I think correctly interprets the American government as weak and ineffective at doing anything. The election has effectively neutered America. It seems to me that they are now rationally making their move.

Obama will now have to choose where his heart really lies—with the Islamist third world and the Muslim heritage from his father, or with the civilizational interests of America and the West. I have no idea what that choice is going to be. Perhaps Ahmadinejad knows something on the matter that we are not privy to.

i agree with your point that Iran correctly interprets the American government as weak right now. they possibly could be making a move feeling that the time is right.
you are right, Israel will have no choice but to hold the line of the blockade. Israel must feel very alone right now.
i believe i know where obama’s heart really lies, but i think he will look at what benefits him
politically first.
i also hope that there are no iran revolutionary guards on board the ships.

Hello gilliam;

If Iran is publically saying they are sending aid ships to Gaza, I am sure that is what will be on board. If Israel attacks them, and they really are aid ship, it puts Israel in the wrong yet again.

What then, every one knows that Gaza is desparate for aid?



The ships themselves will be stopped as before.
But Iran seems to be hinting of upping the ante considerably.
That really ought to be an area of concern.
I would think that a strong American government would not greet such talk by Iran with silence, but would make clear that the Mediterranean is not an Iranian sea.

yes, you would think that a strong American government would definitely frown upon such talk by Iran and would speak out immediately. maybe there is shouting going on behind the scenes for all i know, or the administration is paralyzed and not sure how to react.
definitely something that we should all be concerned about! :thumbsup:

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