Report: Lesbian, Gay and Bi Adults Have Higher Drug Abuse Rates


Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults are more likely than their straight counterparts to abuse substances and experience mental illness, according to a report from the Department of Health’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Nearly 40 percent of those who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) claimed to have used illicit drugs in the past year, compared to 17 percent of those who identify as straight. LGB adults also reported higher rates of drinking and cigarette use and were “more than twice as likely as sexual majority adults to have experienced any kind of mental illness in the past year” . . .

“Organizations have already started addressing this issue by calling for more research and more education for healthcare providers,” Dr. Yarbrough said. “Addressing health-related issues that affect the LGBT community is not really taught in medical school or in residencies. Sometimes all you get are two hours of training and that’s it. At the very least, healthcare providers must graduate with a high level of education on these issues.”

Interesting statistics given that the LGB lifestyle is now accepted by the MSM and Federal and state and local government.


Which means there is no stigma attached to being LGBT on any level anymore.

We still live in a society that undoubtedly favours cisgender heterosexual people and their families over any other people or arrangement.


Gosh, it’s almost as though they’re suffering from some type of mental illness.


If these statistics are true, they will plummet after a generation of people welcome gay human beings fully into their hearts and lives and public institutions. That day can’t come too soon for me.


Aren’t they already accepted? You mean more like forced down our throats to like it…whether we want to or not?:shrug:


It must follow that drug abuse should be accepted. It is part of how they were born. Domestic violence is also higher in same sex relationships, so that must also be accepted as normal and good.:rolleyes:


What is your definition or understanding of “accepted”? People who are LGBT have gained some rights and visibility but they can still be fired just for their orientation, they are still ostracized by family and so-called friends, and if they aren’t out they often hear those family and friends talk about LGBT people in unkind terms. The only message they may hear from their faith community is that they are going to hell. They are told they should just kill themselves; I have witnessed this. Hearing about it anecdotally is horrific. It is so much worse seeing it or hearing it “live.”


Very true, We have not really gotten past racism after all these years. Gender issues are even less resolved in our society.


Which came first: being LGBT or abusing drugs including alcohol? It’s known that people who identify as LGBT have more health problems, too. Why? Because if they inform their doctor they risk discrimination; they risk health concerns being dismissed. Consider how Catholics, specifically women, are treated when they say no to contraception. I’ve read many stories on CAF of doctors behaving unethically or unkindly towards their Catholic patients. Is it okay for LGBT people to experience the same thing? Should the gay man in a committed relationship be denied adequate care and a straight man who is living with his girlfriend given better care?


A lot of Catholics face the same persecution, even in the US


No, they don’t. Especially if they are white and/ or male. Not even close. Christianity is social currency, with a few exceptions which is what you are talking about. Few. Curious when you last heard of someone hammering a Catholic with “kill your self.”


The reason for higher drug abuse rates must occasionally have something to do with societal rejection or familial rejection, but I would guess that it primarily just has to do with depression, and of buying into that whole notion that life is best when one engages in hedonistic, self-indulgent behavior. It’s a really broad generalization, but there definitely is a libertine sort of mindset that’s readily apparent in the gay community. Who even knows if these statistics are true, but if they are, I think that would explain it.

The reason why Christians believe homosexuality is missing the mark is because it tends to lead to unhappiness. That’s a long-observed tendency, not something that’s always true. It has nothing to do with actually disliking gay people, because that would be dumb for any number of reasons. There are exceptions, because obviously there do exist heterosexual couples who are unhappy and homosexual couples who are happy, but that isn’t the norm. It doesn’t tend to be, at least. Tradition tends to lead to happiness, or at least greatly increases the odds.


We also live in a society where made up words like “cisgender” are accepted by our elites as having an actual meaning, as if men sexually attracted to women or women sexually attracted to men are some kind of strange deviation.


For most of human history, gender issues were resolved. It was understood that the norm was men being attracted to women and women being attracted to women. It’s only recently that this norm has been questioned.






Some good truth in this. Thank you.

and they blame others?


For me either. And I’m far far removed from being considered of the younger generation but it does seem today’s youth are already largely welcoming of our gay, bi, and trans community brothers and sisters into their hearts and lives and society more than any previous generation has. Today’s younger generation gives me great hope in this regard for our American future.


I’ll start from “trans community brothers and sisters”. If gender dysphoria is considered a mental disorder, wouldn’t telling the truth be a kinder approach? Just because “trans” is coming out of the closet, doesn’t mean that it is right or healthy. I really don’t know what “bi-sexuality” is supposed to be or why we should embrace it.

As for the “younger generation” damage is already being done presenting unhealthy lifestyles and choices as normal. Gender uncertainty in the past was treated by encouraging the person to accept biological realities. It is no surprise that drug use is higher among this group as are STD’s, alcoholism and suicide, that latter very high among “trans”.

The burden of acceptance for groups to be accepted into the mainstream is on them. They must prove they are no threat, that they don’t have an agenda (such as destroying conventional morality and mores such as the institution of marriage). So far their record has been dismal. In the beginning it was not criminalizing consenting adults who just want to live their own lives, but now it has moved way past that. Businesses have been forced to close because they will not participate in “gay marriages”. Free speech has been throttled all over the Western world. It has not been a positive development at all. Children are being deprived of mothers and fathers.

Time may come and people wake up to this movement’s serious health threat as happened with smoking. I subscribe to the saying “Don’t take down a wall before you know why it was put up”. Although it may have hurt certain individuals, the larger hygiene of society was protected by proscriptions against sodomy and everything having to do with it. Russia with all its faults got it right when prohibiting same sex propaganda in schools and so forth.


if only they could live without the tyranny they are exerting. That is not the way to be welcomed into “hearts and lives and society.”

With businesses being forced to shut down and , yes, discriminated against, for being Christian?

Chicken and egg.

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