Report: "Massachusetts Town Legalizes Polygamy Using Same Arguments For Gay Marriage,"


“Polygamy was the obvious evolution of redefining marriage. After all, every argument supporting gay marriage—“Love is love,” "we deserve equal protection under the law” and “we’re not harming anybody—also supports group marriage.

Somerville’s legal recognition of polyamory came about on June 25 while the city council was changing its domestic partnership application"…


I guess that this doesn’t surprise me.
Lord have mercy on us.


The legal labyrinth from the subsequent marriages and then divorces is going to be bananas.


Some sick, twisted and backwards ways of thinking. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


What gets me is how they can decree this with no mutual recognition anywhere else. Surely this will just be tossed aside as invalid, until others follow suit.

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It’s nothing to do with marriage. ‘Domestic partnership’ allows such things as hospital visitation rights and power of atttorney. They are not recognised by federal law.

Much ado about nothing.


I know atheists who want human cloning legalized. Imagine that!

Wait a minute, though. Is polygamy legal in the commonwealth of Massachusetts? If not, would not the state government have the right to overturn the town’s law? (Keep in mind, I am not an expert in Massachusetts law)

A domestic partnership does not equate to a marriage.


I know Christians who think the same!

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The Church of England should know better. The way I’ve heard it from atheists though, is that death being so final, having a clone of themselves is somehow a continuation of their enjoyment of this life.

And how long do you think it will be before someone sues to have this changed to having three or more people getting married? That’s how homosexual marriage came about. And I don’t the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will overturn this.


Marriage is a federal matter. Domestic partnerships do not equate to marriage and are a local matter.

The sky is not falling.


You should read the article. Human cloning does not necessarily mean bringing a clone to maturity. And anyone who thinks it can be used as a form of immortality is, as we say in these parts, a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

If there is no reason for the Supreme Court to say that homosexual “marriage” is wrong, by the same logic what this city declared will not be wrong.


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They are not equivalent. I keep saying this but you keep ignoring it. There is zero connection between a domestic partnership and marriage. It simply allows for things like visitation rights which you may not get if you are not the single nominated partner. This simply allows people to nominate more than one person.

These are quite common around the world and which provides (from wiki) ‘an interpersonal status created by local municipal and county governments, which provides an extremely limited range of rights and responsibilities’.

The municipality of Massachusetts Town has simply allowed for more than one person to access these rights.

Before ssm was legal, some couples used this facility to ensure that their partner had, for example, visitation rights as did married couples. But it wasn’t - and isn’t, a precursor to changing what constitutes a marriage.


Who has actually said this to you? What percentage of atheists do you think hold to this view? Are you opposed to identical twins (clones) if they occur naturally?


Uh, no, marriage is regulated by the states.


Buzzer sound

You think marriage law in the USA is federal law? Think again. Do you know much about this topic? What have you studied?

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My apologies. If I could clarify: States have their own laws but which must comply with Supreme Court decisions. Hence ssm is now legal in all states. Domestic partnerships are even state matters.

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