Report: North Korea's Kim Jong Il Has Pancreatic Cancer

SEOUL, South Korea — A news report says North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has pancreatic cancer.
Seoul’s news channel network YTN television reported Monday that Kim, 67, was diagnosed with the cancer around the time he was felled by a stroke last summer.
The report cited unidentified intelligence officials in South Korea and China.
Comments from South Korea’s spy agency were not immediately available.,2933,531900,00.html?test=latestnews

Oh goodness. Well, I hope he is on good terms with the Lord.

I don’t know if Christianity is allowed in N. Korea…they just worship Kim Jong II. :frowning:

this is the first that i have heard of this. although, i did see a picture of him the other day and he didn’t look well. weren’t there also reports earlier in the year or last year and people thought that he had passed away?

why would he wanting to be starting all of this trouble if he is so ill? :confused:

Perhaps to get in good stead with the military, which pretty much rules North Korea? Kim Jong-Il wants to pass on the leadership of the country to one of his sons, but he needs to curry favor with the powers that be so that this happens.

Who will succeed Kim Jong-II was discussed on Fox News last night. One commentator thought Jong’s son would be his successor, while another thought only the military, which pretty much rules already. With the escalation of provocation from North Korea, the U.S. is in a very tough place in dealings with North Korea. With Obama at the helm, provocation will likely only get worse, though I’m not really sure what he can do since this problem has existed for years and endangering South Korea would be the outcome of any U.S. action. We’re between a rock and a hard place.

Below is a link to the interviews on Greta last evening from commentators expressing what they think will happen in North Korea after Kim Jong II passes.

(I’m sorry for the commercials before and after the video.)

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