Report: NSA intercepts computer deliveries


LONDON (AP) — A German magazine lifted the lid on the operations of the National Security Agency’s hacking unit Sunday, reporting that American spies intercept computer deliveries, exploit hardware vulnerabilities, and even hijack Microsoft’s internal reporting system to spy on their targets.

Der Spiegel’s revelations relate to a division of the NSA known as Tailored Access Operations, or TAO, which is painted as an elite team of hackers specializing in stealing data from the toughest of targets.

Citing internal NSA documents, the magazine said Sunday that TAO’s mission was “Getting the ungettable,” and quoted an unnamed intelligence official as saying that TAO had gathered “some of the most significant intelligence our country has ever seen.”

Der Spiegel said TAO had a catalog of high-tech gadgets for particularly hard-to-crack cases, including computer monitor cables specially modified to record what is being typed across the screen, USB sticks secretly fitted with radio transmitters to broadcast stolen data over the airwaves, and fake base stations intended to intercept mobile phone signals on the go.–finance.html

We thought that the Chinese were bad- banning companies like Huawei from participating in our infrastructural projects. Looky here, we are just as bad if the allegations are true. The U.S. government is single handily destroying trillions of dollar from tech giants like Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Google, etc. Who would want to buy our products anyway? Huawei is traded on the Hang Seng and has been out performing its U.S. peers. Time to load up some.


And they will always fall back on the argument that they’re doing it to protect us from Al-Qaeda, Iran, North Korea, Godzilla, etc.

                                    America is descending into a totalitarian state, and few people even seem to be noticing. Personally, I think we're less than a decade away from people vanishing into Federal custody for harmless things they've said, posted, or publicly questioned. Makes me seriously wonder what planet the flag wavers, and military worshippers actually live on.


Well, there’s another post on the forum about predictions for 2014.

While I demurred about specific predictions, I did insinuate there’d be an Australian dictatorship before 2020 if you read between the lines. It was based on a few things my prophetic old pastor said before he died in January 1992.

However this would take place under the umbrella of an American dictatorship. The old pastor I mentioned in my other post once said, “I think there’ll be an American dictatorship. Oh, it will probably even be good in the beginning, but eventually everything will have to be done for America”. Our particular “little tyrant” will be appointed by an American overseer.

Out of curiosity I went looking for “Can America become a dictatorship?” and while there were any number of links, some somewhat spurious, I did come across the following on the first page. I don’t know what political flavour the Guardian favours, but it does pose food for thought.

So I’ll expand on my Australian dictatorship by 2020 - I think there’ll be a world wide American dictatorship by 2020. Sorry about that, but ever since you’ve been pushed into the position of “world cop” by historical, political and ideological events, your ability to dominate the world through technology has been increasing with every passing year.

It’s based to a large extent on comments by my old pastor, the effect of technology which has been exacerbated by the terrorist threat, what might be called “Biblical overtones”, and Marian apparitions esp. Fatima and Akita.


You are right, and whats worse, most americans believe every single word of it!! What happened to the once great US, or its once patriotic citizens?

Another sad fact in all this, the public does nothing about it…if such a thing happened back in the days of the nations founding, there would literally be 1000s of people marching down the streets, torches and shotguns in hand, ready to fight…but in todays world, that is not going to happen, and even if a few people do attempt such a thing, the Govt and police quickly brand them as domestic right wing terrorists and everyone watching the news believes every word of it, and would turn that person in, in a heartbeat if they saw them in their neighborhood!! LOL

What a sad state the US has become. Our founding fathers are probably rolling in their graves if they could see whats going on.


America is becoming a police state in the name of anti-terrorism, while at the same time maintaining ties to states and organizations connected to terrorism, which in my world means that it was the idea all along.

                                  If the government ever want's to get around to making unConstitutional mass raids on the homes of the American citizens, all they'd need to do is to announce that the raids will be conducted by the Navy Seals, Green Berets, 82nd Airborne, etc, and they'd have crowds cheering on violations of the 4th Amendment. And I can even hear our pseudo-Patriot neighbors "Huh Huh, I wanna see you tell the Navy Seals searching your house without warrant is unConstitutional".


See the following:

The quotation below and much of the rendition I give in this post are from Gödel, A Life of Logic by John Casti and Werner DePauli. It seems that in 1948 Gödel decided to become a U. S. citizen. So he set to work studying the Constitution in the way one might expect from an eminent and eccentric logician. And guess what, he found what he believed to be a logical flaw in the document; a logical flaw that might allow the U.S. to become a dictatorship. …]

The judge began by saying to Gödel, “Up to now you have held German citizenship.” Gödel corrected this slight affront, noting that he was Austrian. Unfazed, the judge continued, “Anyhow, it was under an evil dictatorship … but fortunately, that’s not possible in America.” With the magic word dictatorship out of the bag, Gödel was not to be denied, crying out, “On the contrary, I know how that can happen. And I can prove it!” By all accounts, it took the efforts of not only Einstein and Morgenstern but also of the judge to calm Gödel down and prevent him from launching into a detailed and lengthy discourse about his “discovery.” [p. 89]



Some of you talk as if every rumor some European magazine reports us true and then, away you go with the civil liberties rants.

While I agree our government has too much power, assuming these sort of reports are accurate is very naive, and also unfair, and just highlights the agenda you had regardless of what is true and what isn’t.

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GEEZ, what your describing sounds alot like the Nazi SS squads, people are sooo scared of them, they just let them do whatever they want LOL.

I think schools need to start teaching young kids about their rights regarding police and other law enforcement, what they can and cannot do, what rights they must obey and choose not to obey. In my generation, we were taught to do anything ANY law enforcement agent tells us to do, but that really does not fly in modern times, with alot of police overstepping their bounds, and expecting people to obey.

There are some good youtube videos of young people refusing to give police their names, and there is nothing the police can do, people do have rights when dealing with the police and they need to know what these rights are. The US is a police state, it does not take much effort to see this taking place all over the country.


Flex Your Rights is an excellent site for learning how to legally respond to police encounters. Sadly however, when I’ve discussed issues like this with a number of people, I’m often asked why I hate cops, and why I want to make there job more difficult.

                         I think we got a very frightening look into our future in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. We saw a major city put on lockdown and mass military style raids on homes, without warrants. That was never done in the past when a suspected gunman was believed to be hiding out in a particular neighborhood, but in our post 9-11 world, all the government has to do is say "terrorism" and then we're supposed to surrender our Constitutional Rights with a smile on our face.


Thats the strange thing about modern times, many people seem to side with law enforcement and Govt. yet at the time of the nations founding, this would be unheard of and anyone acting this way would be thrown out of town or worse. No one wanted people like this around, but I think in modern times,the media has successfully brainwashed the masses into this, and WHATEVER they tell these people to do, they are going to do it…i believe the term for these people are ‘sheeple’. LOL


I agree to a point. The constitution was set up to limit what Government could do, federally. It did not include the ACA, for example. It’s power has grown as we have allowed it. That is an example of a monster that should have been stopped, but the electorate allowed it. Just like finding a justification for abortion in the constitution, which even modern legal scholars agree was a ridiculous, flawed argument. But like the ACA, who cares if it is just or right, if I get what I want?

National Defense IS called for as an enumerated power, so what that entails is more nuanced. Still, the founders strove for limited government, and we have to constantly ask ourselves “how little can we have the government do?” not “how much can we allow them to do?”

As far as this report, LOL. It is vague, but it is not surprising if you know what they are talking about, and sounds more ominous if you don’t.


With every story like this, it makes Ed Snowden like a patriot and Pres Obama a hypocrite.


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