Report: OJ Simpson Plans to Become Televangelist Upon Release from Prison

LAS VEGAS – Disgraced NFL legend OJ Simpson is reportedly planning on becoming a televangelist upon his release from prison.

In an interview with the Enquirer and the Daily Mail, Simpson’s manager, Norman Pardo, explained that Simpson has been using his time behind bars to seek God.



good luck to him, I hope that is really from his heart, and not his head,
many people use Jesus as they making money businesses which is really sad.

There’s no saving OJ. He lies as he breathes, is a fraud and has a personality disorder that makes God essentially helpless to help him. He said he’d spend his life tracking whoever killed Nicole, what’s up with that? (wink)

He’d have to confess to the brutal slashing murder of two people before I’d believe his jailhouse ‘conversion’.

Hmmm…as a televangelist he sounds a bit overqualified.


When did OJ go to prison?

Obviously I don’t pay attention to the media much. :shrug:


I hope he knows what he is doing. I hope he doesn’t do this.:confused:

The problem with this plan is that he’s never getting out of jail…


Edit: We really need one of those in our smiley collection.

Anyone can be redeemed.

I don’t know how long it took the apostles to believe Paul, it must have been hard for them, but for me to believe OJ, maybe another 2000 years!


Not another self ordained preacher? Sheesh.



Welp, time to swim the Tiber.

You seem to know him well.

Armed robbery or kidnapping or something like that. I can’t remember.

In 2007 OJ wanted his sports memorabilia back from some brokers. He and his friends charged into the hotel room where the brokers were staying demanding his property back. However, a couple of the men with him had weapons so they were charged with robbery and kidnapping. He was convicted and sentenced to about 9 years, but he can get out soon on parole.
As far as him being a preacher he has no known religious training, I’m sure he has had plenty of time to read the Bible while in prison. However, that doesn’t make him trained in religion.

And presumably, if he did truly have some call to preach God’s Holy Word, wouldn’t you expect some kind of repentance and sorrow for the things he’s done? (Putting whether you believe him guilty of murder aside) he’s still not been the best person over the years, which is why he’s in jail now.

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