Report on the Mother and Baby Homes scandal will be published ‘as soon as possible’, Taoiseach says

And with the decision to lock records away for up to 30 years there in Ireland matters have assumed a rather heated dimension over this issue.

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Possibly 4000 pages. Dear Lord.

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It’s become a hugely divisive issue, the fact the two main political parties voted to keep this sealed has not gone unnoticed either and caused a lot of anger, people feel that basically the two main parties who have been essentially there since independence ins some form or other as the major political groups are trying to hide dirty laundry.

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Gee, where else have we seen coverups causing anger? :thinking:

Can I ask some basic questions:
Were these Mother and Baby homes all Catholic? I know some of them were, I know the basics about Tuam, but not anywhere else.

When did they operate and when did the last one go out of business? Every time I see a story on this, the people affected seem quite old. I know this doesn’t make it any less awful but I’m trying to get a sense of time frame.

It’s so far been impossible to find any resource online laying this all out for people who aren’t already familiar with the story, and asking on an Irish group tends to just get a lot of people emotionally upset and some of them start raving against the Church.

Yes they were Catholic. The last ones closed in the mid 1990’s. I’m a member of a group on Facebook that do nostalgic photos of Dublin, whenever a Nun appears in photos comments about ‘burn them ones’ or ‘Hope they’re all rotting in Hell’ appear in droves and unless they move beyond that level they are left and unedited. It’s not youngsters making these comments either, often it is pensioners in their 70’s and 80’s.

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Yes, the group I’m in is not that bad and mostly posts pretty and nostalgic things like wedding gowns, pics of Irish kids and cottages, but the moderator has a thing for posting about Tuam in particular as she feels it’s necessary to bring the abuses and horrors into the light. So we’ll have 2 dozen posts of pretty scenery, Irish lace, cream teas and shamrocks and then all of a sudden some awful Tuam expose with people in their 50s and 60s going on a rant about the Church and priests, nuns, etc. Some people complained that it ruined the mood of the group, and a lot of the people on the group are not from Ireland but rather are Irish-American and had ancestors who emigrated over a century ago, so they aren’t as interested, but the moderator was very adamant she will keep posting about it.

I can understand being upset about it, at the same time I imagine the government is thinking that if they set it aside for long enough then everyone involved with it will have passed away and then it will be less contentious.

The feeling is more that the govt. is quite literally hiding stinking corpses and doesn’t want their own sins to come out because one or the other main parties would have been in power during the period these homes were most active. My relatives live in mostly small villages but even there they are very angry and my cousin and her husband urged people to not let this drop. We’ve had people do hunger strikes outside the Irish Parliament over this matter in the past and I could see that happening again. People are very angry and I could see TDs or ministers being physically punched or assaulted as tempers are that hot over it.

The govt. has backed a bit on it’s initial position I see and now says adoptees and survivors will be able to access their data:-

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