Report on Trump company's Cuba dealings could affect crucial Florida vote


Report on Trump company’s Cuba dealings could affect crucial Florida vote

In a development that could cost Donald Trump crucial Cuban-American votes, his casino company once violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by secretly funding a business foray on the communist island, Newsweek reported this morning.

Trump’s casino company “funneled” at least $68,000 in late 1998 to a consulting firm that traveled to the island in search of business opportunities on Trump’s behalf, Newsweek reported in its cover story called “The Castro Connection.” The article alleges the consultant then billed Trump’s company and instructed his employees on how to make it look as if the trip had been connected to a Catholic charity.

If the consulting company secretly spent U.S. money in Cuba during a visit that was not licensed by the U.S. government or fully hosted by a non-U.S. entity or charity, the expenses would have violated the Cuban embargo, which is designed to starve the Castro regime of American currency.

Newsweek did not specify the exact nature of the trip or its precise date. Even if a crime occurred, the statute of limitations expired, Newsweek reported.

Hillary Clinton’s pounced on the Newsweek report.

“Trump’s business with Cuba appears to have broken the law, flouted U.S. foreign policy, and is in complete contradiction to Trump’s own repeated, public statements that he had been offered opportunities to invest in Cuba but passed them up," Clinton campaign senior adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement. “This latest report shows once again that Trump will always put his own business interest ahead of the national interest — and has no trouble lying about it.”

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All the while he was publicly taking a hard stand in favor of the embargo.


Does anyone know if the Cuban vote was trending towards Trump? If so, it might hurt him. If not, the story is likely a non-starter.


It is evidence that Trump is willing to break the law to make money. Just because the statute of limitations has expired doesn’t mean what he was doing was legal.

I guess if folks are willing to overlook his many other flaws, this one will not be a problem.


The same could be said of his opponent. Making the argument about integrity is a lost cause. Your best bet is a third party vote, or disqualify that as a factor and vote on straight policies.


I never thought Trump would win Florida in November anyway, but this story should seal his fate.


The liberal media can’t defend Obama/Clinton on the economy or foreign policy. So, they’re reduced to mud-slinging, which is all they have done for quite some time. There is probably a real story behind this, but I would not expect Newsweek to publish anything fair or accurate about Trump…or Clinton either, for that matter.


I think the biggest surprise here is the Newsweek is still around. The story seems like a lot of innuendo and speculation about an event that may or may not have happened 20 years ago…I wonder if Hillary’s campaign wrote the story and shopped it around.


Let’s see. Reading the article, in which nothing is actually verified, of course, it is alleged that Trump’s organization’s CEO paid a $68,000.00 to this fellow Fields who sent him a bill for a trip to Cuba to “explore business opportunities”. It was Fields, not Trump’s CEO or Trump himself, who represented to the government that it was charitable trip.

Trump’s CEO said that Fields was a pain who was always trying to get hired to do business scouting for the Trump organization, but that the organization didn’t hire him because he was considered a flake.

No evidence that the Trump organization paid the $68,000 bill, and the article doesn’t claim it did. It only “suggests” that Trump’s company might have…

But what the heck. Obama gives the Castro regime billions, and the left ignores it and waxes indignant over a $68,000 bill that it doesn’t even know was paid.


Of course Hillary’s campaign did, and they’ll do more of it, just like she planted the Machado tale with the left media before the debate. That’s why she brought it up at the very last and just in time. They had already written their articles and prepared their programs to use her propaganda. That’s why it was out of context.


Might not do anything. I’m sure south Florida Cuban-Americans are no strangers to left wing propaganda. After all, that’s part of the reason they live in Florida and not Cuba.


Another Media Distortion, Why Trump’s Dealings With Cuba Are a Non-Scandal

Check out this excerpt from this article: Newsweek’s Trump Cuba Needs Perspective

This morning, Newsweek published a rather sensationalist (and hypocritical) story on Trump’s involvement with a consulting firm that took a scouting trip to Cuba in 1998.

Here’s the gist –

Trump’s company apparently hired a consulting firm, Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corporation (“Seven Arrows”), to do a scouting trip to Cuba in 1998. Months after, Seven Arrows billed Trump’s company over $68,000 for the trip.

In the late 1990’s – like today – the Bill Clinton Administration was licensing and encouraging U.S. companies to take scouting trips to Cuba, with the hope they would return and lobby Congress to ease the sanctions that he codified into law in 1996. Sound familiar? At the time, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was forming coalitions to do business in Cuba with the same zeal as today. (Click here to learn more.)

Also – like today – these scouting trips could be legally licensed. What was illegal – and remains illegal (with the statutory exceptions of telecom connections, and cash sales for agriculture, medicine and medical equipment) – is actually transacting business with the Castro regime

Hence, if Seven Arrows didn’t obtain an OFAC license for the trip and (after-the-fact) sought to cover-up the motive, then there should be legal consequences against Seven Arrows and any Trump executives that knowingly colluded with it.

However, Trump never transacted business with the Castro regime, as the Newsweek article claims. To the contrary, Trump concluded that those who seek to do business with the Castro regime were mistaken.

Trump even penned an op-ed in The Miami Herald in 1999, in which he admits:

"*Several large European investment groups have asked me to take the ‘Trump Magic’ to Cuba. They have ‘begged’ me to form partnerships to build casino-hotels in Havana. With the influx of foreign tourists, we would make a fortune, they promise, and they are no doubt right. They are also right to say that this type of arrangement would allow me to skirt the U. S.-imposed embargo.

But rushing to join those who would do business in Cuba would do more than that. It would place me directly at odds with the longstanding U. S. policy of isolating Fidel Castro. I had a choice to make: huge profits or human rights. For me, it was a no-brainer.*"

Perhaps he deserves some kudos for this.

However, it’s fascinating to watch those who are currently working to hand the Castro regime billions of dollars – beginning with the Obama Administration, Clinton campaign and its talking heads – now attacking Trump for this $68,000 consulting expenditure.


I knew there was more to the story… seems like there always is… when will people wake up and realize that headlines are NOT the whole story?


I dont think that it helps Trump that even his own campaign manager suggested that he broke the trade embargo on national tv.

On the view, kellyanne Conway said:
“Read the entire story. It starts out with a screaming headline, as it usually does, that he did business in Cuba. And it turns out that he decided not to invest there. I think they paid money, as I understand from the story, in 1998" Kellyanne Conway

From the mouth of his own campaign manager, she is saying that even though Trump ultimately decided not to invest in Cuba, she does believe that his business did pay money in 1998. Which would be illegal. When Trumps own campaign manager talks like this on national tv…she is making it easier to believe his guilt. She most certainly is not proclaiming his innocence.


As long as it was done under the guise of business all is good.


exactly! the liberals ignore all the scandals in regards to Hillary, but are desperately looking for anything to throw at Trump.
how pathetic! the double standard and hypocrisy over and over again.
the liberals need to look in the mirror.


The national interest is not served by this embargo, but the US government’s is. I couldn’t care less if Trump actually did have business there. The embargo was stupid, pointless, and cruel for the Cuban citizens. And it was itself the result of failed US foreign policy run by the crooked and deadly CIA. I wonder if Hillary’s husband ever smoked a Cuban cigar? I’m sure lots of politicians have.

And even if true at least a Trump is engaged in business which is making a product people want. Hillary takes money through her foundation from foreign governments one can only assume to get political access.


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