Report out on dangers of Gardasil Vaccine linked to 18 deaths


By Judie Brown
Call it a hunch, but those of us at American Life League who have been studying pharmaceutical giant Merck’s marketing plan for Gardasil, commonly known on television by its “one less” mantra, have been suspicious for some time. Apparently, we were right to be less than ecstatic about this latest scheme for “protecting” young women from the human papillomavirus.

Just yesterday, Judicial Watch, a public interest group that investigates government corruption, exposed the findings in new documents they obtained from the federal Food and Drug Administration pertaining to the vaccine’s adverse effects. What have those adverse reactions included?

Here is a partial list:
10 deaths have been reported since September 2007. The total number of death reports is at least 18 and as many as 20.Just since January 2008, the following incidents have been reported: 140 “serious” reports, 27 of which were categorized as “life-threatening,”
*]10 spontaneous abortions and
*]six cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.[/LIST]
For those with a keen interest in this matter, the complete 25-page document prepared by Judicial Watch is online at The Alliance for Human Research Protection has been on the case for at least the past 18 months and is equally concerned about the possible jeopardy that children will be in if parents don’t take this matter seriously and become familiar with this vaccine’s side effects.


This was on the news over the weekend. I opted to not have my 12 yr old dd vaccinated. I think that the way these doctors are ‘pushing’ vaccinations, I scratch my head wondering if they are really pharma reps in disguise.:cool: That being said, the news report on tv had a doctor interviewed on this who said, it is hard to link if all of the 18 deaths were directly linked to the vaccination, and/or out of the thousands who received the vaccination, it was considered a ‘low number.’ I don’t want my daughter to be #19, or anyone else’s daughters. Once my daughter is 18, she can make the decision herself if she’d like this vaccine.


I know that some municipalities are requiring this for children before they enter school. It was entertained here in Illinois, but it’s still in the talk stages. It seems that parents should be given all the information so they can be make a completely educated decision about giving this vaccine to their daughters.


Would parents be able to opt out?


The first time I saw the commercial for Gardasil, my first thought was “no way in hell will I take this” or my kids if I had any. New drugs always become a problem for one, and a virus must be caught! No sex=no virus. (I am unaware of any other way of catching it, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Vaccines against STD’s are just the next step up from condoms. It’s ridiculous.


Yep and I was never so happy my dd goes to Catholic School… no way in he double hockey sticks am I going to let her get it!!!


If this is accurate, this is the current list of states that have Gardasil vaccination requirements.


What is the line of thinking in requiring a vaccine but allowing parents to opt out? Is it so that if you don’t ask not to get it, you’ll get it, thus they are hoping to vaccinate more people? Or is it something altogether different?


I get madder every time this subject comes up. So does it save more lives over the long haul than it shortens or not? And all the while, what’s totally safe? What doesn’t kill anyone at all? Virginity. And why do girls still in middle school or early high school lose their virginity? By and large, someone older either talked them into it, attacked them or exchanged money or financial help for it. A few do it on purpose to fit in and feel normal or to get a baby so someone will love them and stay with them. If we as a society take seriously the seduction, rape and exploitation of young girls, and we as consumers stop rewarding the sexualization of kids, and we as parents and friends of parents talk to them more and stick around more, I mean more people, not just us on this forum, those situations will evaporate. Perhaps as many as nine-tenths of the girls with cervical cancer and AIDS today would never have gotten those diseases if our society had taken such obvious steps.


…now I dont feel so guilty for snapping at the woman trying to give me literature on this **** for my 7 yo dd!!! She was handing out infor for women’s health week and she said, “oh you have a daughter, you need to look at this (the guardacil ****…) " , I pushed it away from my face and said " I dont think so~we teach abstinince until marriage, for goodness sakes, my child is SEVEN! Would you like me to pick her up a box of condoms as well???”…she left me alone:thumbsup:


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