Report: Pope Asks Us to Read Bible 10-15 Minutes a Day, Rather Than Watching Soaps or Exchanging Gossip




The devil would have a conniption if we all dd that. Sounds like an excellent idea to me.:slight_smile:


But where would church socials be without gossip?

Plus, Sonny got stabbed on “Days of Our Lives” I have to find out if he lives!

The Pope just doesn’t understand :eek:

Sarcasm intended!


… people still watch soap operas?

Apparently Netflix hasn’t been working hard enough. :shrug: I can’t say if the Pope is being shrewd or unfaithful to not compare the Gospels to real competition. :stuck_out_tongue:


This really doesn’t surprise me. Pope Francis sometime back said that we should all get and carry a small New Testament and read from it daily…especially the Gospels.

As a result I got myself a copy of this and have begun doing exactly that.
The New Testament (Challoner-Rheims)
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
Sold by: Adoremus Books


Deal Pope Francis! I will do it.


I’d add to read the Daily Readings. This way each “episode” is followed up properly as opposed to flipping channels… er… pages.




Have y’all seen this? It’s a small gospel and acts paperback published by the USCCB in response to the Pope’s request.

Pocket Gospels and Acts of the Apostles

Carry the Pocket Gospels and Acts of the Apostles with you, and keep the Word of God as your constant guide and inspiration!

In April, Pope Francis handed out thousands of pocket-sized copies of the Gospels and Acts. He asked the faithful to read a passage every day, saying, This is the word of Jesus!

This small pocket-sized book, with a durable Kivar cover, has the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles with a beautiful Italian fresco on the cover just like the Pope’s! Take it with you and read it anytime you have a few minutes during the day. On the bus! Waiting for an appointment! Anytime!

Timothy over at Catholic Bibles Blog reviewed it and posted some pictures of it. For the price it’s really not a bad deal.


Lots of people can add lots of things - meditate on scripture, pray the scriptural rosary, practice lectio, read the daily readings. None of these things are bad and they don’t take a long time on their own, but the Pope isn’t asking people to do any of those things.

Reading the Bible 15 minutes/day will be a huge change for 90% of the Catholics out there. Let’s just let the Pope’s request stand on its own before we go adding to it and overwhelm people with what we think they should be doing.



Hi, All ~

Does anyone know who did the painting on the cover?

I don’t know why they can’t find one to use that doesn’t have the demonic undertones/symbolism. In addition to the regular weirdness in many old paintings, there’s something in this one that I’ve never noticed before - the emphasis of the foreheads and nasal bone.

I’m thinking about buying a copy just to check the verse wording. This cover painting gives me pause. :frowning:



I believe it is part of a larger fresco titled The Miracles of Jesus or Jesus’ Miracles by Giusto de’ Menabuoi. The fresco is in the baptistry at the cathedral in Padua, Italy. The entire baptistry is spectacular and some of Menabuoi’s work there can be viewed at Personally, I fail to see what is demonic or even weird about any of it. It’s all breathtaking to me.

The book uses the NABRE. You should be able to check out how it reads online.



Great idea, you can read a full chapter in less than 1/2 hour. So, you can read through the entire New Testament in less than one year.


I didn’t see any painting, can you paste the link to the picture you’re referring to? Thanks.


I think he is referring to the painting that’s on the cover of the pocket bible I linked to in my above post. I don’t see anything evil or demonic in the painting either.


This one?

It’s too small to seen any details. Does anyone have information on it so we can have a look at a larger image of the original?


Watching soaps? Lol!


Quite popular still in Latin America.


There’s nothing “demonic” about the painting, it’s a normal style for that time period.

“Check the verse wording” – are you really suggesting that the bishops would publish a fake Bible?


It might be part of a larger fresco titled The Miracles of Jesus or Jesus’ Miracles by Giusto de’ Menabuoi. The fresco is in the baptistry at the cathedral in Padua, Italy.

Some of Menabuoi’s work in the Baptistry is at It is worth looking at this link.

Google search is at

There may be several versions. I’m not sure.



Click on the image on that page and it will pull up a bigger higher resolution image.

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