Report: Pope Francis Is ‘In The Crosshairs Of ISIS’

< A new report claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is targeting Pope Francis — a report that the Vatican says is simply not true.
According to Il Tempo, Israeli sources reportedly told the Italian newspaper that the pope is “in the crosshairs of ISIS.” The report stated that Francis is being targeted because he is “the greatest exponent of the Christian religions” and the “bearer of false truth.”
The Vatican, though, denounced the report. >

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It doesn’t surprise me that these barbaric are wanting to hurt or kill the pope. We need to stand up to these guys. Even if we are killed mean, racist or even if we get called crusaders.

Makes me wonder who sets up facts: the perpetrators, the media, or others who have an interest in destroying the Church.

Italy Steps Up Security Over Alleged ISIS Plot to Kill The Pope

< Since the terrorist alert and heightened security, at least five suspected potential jihad fighters were arrested near Venice this week as they prepared to leave for Iraq. Italy’s leading Corriere della Sera newspaper reported that at least 50 Italians are now known to be fighting with ISIS, pointing out that 80 percent are “very Italian” and only 20 percent are sons of immigrants, dispelling fears among some Italians that a spike in illegal immigration has somehow played a role in the recruitment of young people. Instead, the rise in recruits from Italy is fueled by “disillusionment with the future,” “distrust in the Catholic Church,” and “boredom,” according to the paper, which said all the known fighters are men between the ages of 18-25. >

I’d like to see them get past the Swiss Guard! :onpatrol:

You know, I was thinking that I haven’t seen anyone publicly invoking Pope St. Pius V or Our Lady of Victory for the defeat of ISIS. For anyone not familiar with the Battle of Lepanto, and the Pope’s courageous defeat of Muslims, please read

I wouldn’t totally dismiss or ignore the report. After all, this terrorist organization known as ISIS is quite ruthless.

From what I’ve heard ISIS is just plain old evil. :bigyikes:

A terrorist group from the middle east wants to kill a western leader? Ok…

Next I’ll bet they will report that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow and that bears go to the bathroom in the woods…

The Pope just said in the last week or so that God will give him a couple more years. So, plan all you want ISIS, God has spoken.

I forget the exact itinerary now but let’s not forget only months ago I believe, the Holy Father went to the Holy Land, Middle East and from my recollection, rejected having security, perhaps even in Palestine, surely that was his trip to Israel and it was covered in this “Catholic News” forum.

Vatican Radio) Pope Francis made an unscheduled stop on Sunday to pray at Israel’s security barrier en route to Bethlehem where he celebrated Mass in Manger Square. His car suddenly stopped and he got out and walked through the crowds to stand in front of the barrier and pray before it.

Holy Mother of God, I pray for the protection of the Pontiff and all Christians and other persons of good will and I pray for the conversion of souls of those who would do them wrong.

No offense meant to you or the Pope, but it us wrong to say that we know such statements are made by God.

It was tongue in cheek.:smiley:

That was a very interesting article, Anthony, thank you for posting it. This has very many implications, regardless of whether it’s true or not. There are forces at work which are absolutely hellbent on a US war on Syria. Plus, violence directed at religion is part of ISIS’ modus operandi, obviously. Reading between the lines, the Pope seems rather unwilling to be used as a prop by these present-day war schemers who are so eager to start spilling the blood of innocents.

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