Report: Top IRS officials knew in 2011 that conservative groups were targeted

An inspector general’s report due for release next week says senior Internal Revenue Service officials knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011, nine months before the IRS commissioner assured Congress the targeting was not happening.

Why am I not surprised?? :mad:

Nobody should be surprised.

I completely agree with you.

And the IRS is going to be running/enforcing Obamacare. Frightning, isn’t it?

Yes, it is frightening.

They have expressley said there was no political basis for the scrutiny. I mean just because they targeted right leaning groups during an election season who would suspect that :shrug:

This is not a good development.

Yeah they say that there was no political basis for the scrutiny but do they honestly think we believe them? I don’t.

This is nothing new. There have been reports of IRS employees digging into files to get information on celebrities and political candidates.

However what is new is that they were outed so clearly. As has been noted, these people are going to be privy to our PERSONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION as well as our sources of income.

When I was in public accounting I used to say you can almost know a person just through their tax returns. Information like where their charitable deductions go, where they live, what they do will often give you information on their political leanings.

Wasn’t Joe the Plumber’s personal information disclosed by someone in the IRS? That was Ohio as well…LOVELY


Welcome to the Obama administration, combining the competence of Jimmy Carter and the ethics of Richard Nixon but without the positive accomplishments of either. 1349 more days until Jan 20 2016.:eek:

Ask even the most partisan Democrat, would you like the IRS to be a bigger part of your life?

This is a far greater evil than that of Nixon!

Trader you stole my thunder! I always thought Obama combined the worst of the worst two former presidents all in one…what an accomplishment!

I can’t help but be dismayed by Justice Roberts committing total judicial over reach and claiming something that had never been advanced by the Obamacare proponents. The money expended to provide thousands of new agents is just another waste of taxpayer money by the party that claims to want to help the poor. They do love them though since they’ve made so many more of them :mad: while simultaneously providing roadblocks for charities that want to and are able to assist.


Yes, I am sometimes in a position to see someone’s tax filings. And you do almost know them. You know if they have dependents, if they are paying a mortgage, if they are divorced and paying alimony or child support. It is quite scary, what is even scarier is that the I come in contract with the information as a lawyer, and I have confidentiality duties, but I have been in the position where a company or the attorney in charge is giving this information to opposing counsel and government investigators (not with the IRS). Personal tax filings are not always considered privileged or confidential information.

So I beg people, do not do personal business with your work email. Do not have your tax info sent to your work email, keep work emails benign and professional. (No racists jokes) no matter how much you trust your co-worker/employer, other people besides your coworker might see it, under discovery requests or government investigations!!!

FLASHBACK: IRS Commissioner Shulman Tells Congress IRS Is Not Targeting Conservatives

Did she not know or wasn’t she telling the truth?

House Republicans swiftly announce hearing on IRS targeting conservative groups

Could somebody in the IRS beurocracy be taking the hit just to protect the Obama Administration from having to deal with a possible double delema after the Benghazi fiasco…?

:confused: :shrug: :thumbsup:

Reports that Jewish groups also audited.

Haha be sure to qualify this. PRO ISRAEL or Conservative Jewish groups need not apply! The Dems like secular Jews who neither care about Israel nor practice their faith. They make great cover!


Glenn Reynolds @ has a link re: Michelle O advising Grads to reach out to people of diff. beliefs. Reynolds asks, what & audit them?

:D:D sounds like Mooshelle and her outreach program. Extend your hand so she can chew on your arm…

Sadly this is nothing new. Those who are privy to confidential information often use it for unwholesome activities.


How did they know who was a Tea Party Member? Did they somehow have access to membership info that included SSNs?

Google reveals All! :cool:

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