Report: Trump's lawyer hand-delivered Michael Flynn a secret plan to lift sanctions on Russia


Report: Trump’s lawyer hand-delivered Michael Flynn a secret plan to lift sanctions on Russia

**Trump Organization lawyer Michel Cohen hand-delivered a “peace” plan for Russia and Ukraine to former national security adviser Michael Flynn **before Flynn was asked to resign, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

The plan, which involved lifting sanctions on Russia, was drafted by Cohen — a close confidante of President Donald Trump who has served as his organization’s special counsel since 2007 — and **Felix Sater, a Russian-American real estate developer who has helped the Trump Organization scout deals in Russia. **

Sater, a businessman formerly linked with the Mafia who has boasted of his “relationship with Trump,” told the Washington Post last May that he “handled all of the negotiations” for the Trump Organization’s dealings in Russia in the mid-2000’s.


These come across as just more ad hominem attacks. Look at the bottom line. With all the email scandals, would it be safer to deliver by hand or electronically?

Second, would you deliver to someone you’ve had a long relationship and know you can trust with important things due to your history together? Yes.

Third, everyone’s trying to make a big deal about his worldwide, in this case Russian, business connections as though that were a problem. If that’s the case, we couldn’t have any successful business person in office. Tim Cook, the famously gay, liberal CEO of Apple sells a lot in Communist China. Former candidate Carley Fiorina bragged about her worldwide connections through the campaign. And nobody on the left was worried one iota about Hillary and Bill Clinton speaking with and receiving huge “donations” from world leaders and governments.

Whenever this administration picks qualified people from industry, such as Wall Streeters to run finance its opponents yell “cronyism”, whenever they choose newcomers such as Betsy DeVos as the Education Secretary they scream “unqualified”. It just comes across as disingenuous.

When the press starts giving fair reporting, people will start listening to them again. Give the guy a chance.



Nothing wrong with that. I think it’s time to lift sanctions on Russia.


More Fake News :smiley:


Seriously, why clog the board with this sort of topic? I doubt most folks care. This just drags the board down.

Now if the hand carried information was being walked around the McDonalds and contained TS/SCI information in it, get back to us.


Just another hit piece on our President.




It was originally reported in the New York Times:


Looks like a start to negotiations with Russia. What is wrong with doing this?


You mean our “so called” President. :wink:

That’s what I call him after he called Judge James L. Robart a “so called” judge.


This does seem like a re-warm of the previously discounted “Cohen/Russian” conspiracy, and by the same guy who works for a business espionage outfit. The last one was discounted because the “spy guy” had Cohen overseas conspiring with Russians when he was provably in this country at the time. This time, the conspiratorial contacts are set in Manhattan, which works a lot better unless, of course, Cohen was in Florida at the time.

I really never cared for Cohen. Abrasive and unattractive personality. But that doesn’t mean he’s conspiring with anybody to the detriment of this nation.


I am not sure why this story is an issue. The proposed deal sounded good, perhaps too good to be true: the contact may be more Right Sector than pro-Russian, judging from comments on McFaul’s twitter account.

However, the reality it that multiple federal investigations of the connections between the Trump team and Russian operatives are continuing. I am happy to wait to see how that turns out before jumping to conclusions.

I am curious though about the evidence that Cohen was provably in the US at the time of the contact in Prague. Are you certain of that?


Well, as certain as current news can be believed about anything.

As to the investigations, even CNN admits there’s not much to see there, which is mostly about Russian hacking anyway. Old stuff.

And more recently, even the NYT, which would like to hang Trump from a yard arm, has nothing but suspicions to offer.

But I’ll add that if the FBI or any other federal agency is investigating negotiations that might or might not be going on with the Russians, they’re out where they shouldn’t be.


which said there’s nothing illegal about it even if it’s true. (toward the end of the article)
“Mr. Trump has confounded Democrats and Republicans alike with his repeated praise for the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, and his desire to forge an American-Russian alliance. While there is nothing illegal about such unofficial efforts, a proposal that seems to tip toward Russian interests may set off alarms.”

“…that seems to tilt…” , “…may set off alarms…” Nothing here.


It seems like the best way to deal with this would be a Congressional investigation to get at the truth of the matter.


To be fair, we’ve seen what happens when we let the Wall Street people (and particularly the Goldman Sachs people) run the regulatory framework for the financial industry, and appointing someone to run the DOE who is an avowed enemy of public education strikes some of us as a very bad idea.


In fairness, Betsy DeVos is horribly unqualified.


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