Report: "What an Italian Bishop Saw At His First Exorcism."


Archbishop Castellucci reflected on the claim the possessed man made that he would die in a traffic accident, saying, “My life is in the hands of the Lord Jesus and certainly not in that demon’s. I wasn’t worried at all. The word of God teaches that the curses are ineffective.”

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There is another quote from the article that is more to the point:

‘Archbishop Castellucci said discernment was important regarding alleged cases of possession. Many cases belong more to “the competence of a psychiatrist than an exorcist.”’

I am very skeptical about exorcisms. I am not saying it’s not possible that some of them are real, but like UFO sightings, I think most of them are not. It is too possible for a deranged, but clever, person to fake such a thing.

Duck 2 flying objects and call me in the morning.

Demons are for real. No doubt about it.


If a person claims to be possessed, they most likely are not. Usually it is family members that start the process, which is long and thorough.

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We should be. The Church itself doesn’t jump in blindly, but requires medical & psychological testing to rule out other causes of the behavior.

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