Reporting from Iraq

The other night Lara Logan, CBS’ foreign correspondent was on the Daily Show – I had never heard of her & was ready to dismiss her as a news floozy (shame on me) but her interview went way beyond the usual Daily Show fare. This story includes a clip of her appearance.

A lot of folks here hate the media but I don’t think the problem is the reporters. Ms. Logan may be a flaming liberal for all I know but she seems truly frustrated that the network won’t let her get the story out and she also seems to really care about our soldiers.

I watch C-SPAN’s BookTV and a couple weekends ago they had on a marine and a reporter (separately) who wrote books about the war in Iraq & Afghanistan. Totally different viewpoints but they agreed on two points that Logan also made: the American public are not getting the real story and the public really don’t care.

Maybe we’d care more if we were getting better coverage, I don’t know. Right now we’re getting (some) facts and a ton of punditry, but not the truth.


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