Reports: Grand jury reaches decision on Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson, announcement planned


CLAYTON, Mo. — A St. Louis County grand jury has finally reached a decision on whether to charge Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr., several media outlets reported Monday.

The panel’s ruling is expected to be revealed during a press conference at the courthouse in Clayton later today.

Anxiety over the decision has kept the St. Louis region on edge, as the public waits to see whether the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer will result in an indictment.


Father God I pray that no matter what the jury’s decision is that you would bring safety and healing to that city. :signofcross:


I’ve been praying for that as well.


The media created this controversy so let them own it now.


Grand jury has reached decision in Ferguson case, announcement set for 8 p.m.

pray for peace


I will predict: no indictment against the police officer.


I agree if they’re going to indict him they would’ve just announced it and people could’ve went home


For the police officer, that is my hope too. I don’t think he did anything wrong from what I have learned from news reports. My prayer is when he is acquitted folks in St Louis are able to remain calm.


Cnn just said that according to their sources, this was don lemon speaking, he said the Wilson group believes he will not get indicted.


15 plus 8 and no official word yet.


commissioner reading public report right now


No indictment.


Cnn is showing people acting out of control.


No indictment is good. In my view a correct decision.
Will be difficult for this police officer to get on with his
life. Will be harder for folks in St Louis to remain calm.

Statement read by commissioner detailed the exhaustive
evidence presented and analyzed in this trial…or
whatever they call a grand jury court case.

We need to keep praying.


And the beat goes on…how is this even news? He was never going to get indicted because he is each black kid in America and he is all of them. Lord, only You can save our babies - only You can teach them that their lives have value no matter what the systems says to the contrary.

Please forgive those who by their power, silence or consent, enable this to happen. Do not hold them accountable for the blood that’s been shed to preserve material wealth, power and unchanging mindsets.

Please keep us from despondency - and no, I will not save this to re-post the next time a jury says: your child has zero worth to us. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


While I’m still outraged over the police teargassing peaceful protesters this Summer, the weight of the evidence clearly exonerated Officer Wilson from any wrong doing.


No winners.An absolute tragedy for all involved.Although the evidence seems overwhelming it is not easy for African-Americans to dismiss 100 plus years of mistreatment by those in power.


I’m just curious – what could possibly justify the officer shooting while seated in his car?


A struggle for his gun probably


Seriously? We’re supposed to think that Brown reached into the officer’s car for the officer’s weapon?

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