Reports: Pope Francis met Kentucky clerk Kim Davis

I’ve just sorted through all 8 pages of the other thread and can’t find anything compelling to suggest that Pope Francis did in fact meet with Kim Davis. This seems to be the closest we get:

[quote=]On Wednesday, the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, confirmed that the meeting took place, but he declined to elaborate. “I do not deny that the meeting took place, but I have no other comments to add,” he said.

But I don’t think “do not deny” is the same as “Yes, I can confirm that the Holy Father met with Kim Davis.”

The meeting took place, but all the Pope told her was to stop calling herself “Apostolic”.


In that context it does seem to be a confirmation. Semantics I suppose.

You don’t reach out to lapsed Catholics by watering down doctrine. I knew it would be hell to pay when Liberals found out the Pope really was Catholic,

Right. It’s sort of a soft confirmation. I mean, he could have just come out and denied it if it hadn’t taken place. But then, he could have also said that he can confirm the meeting took place.

For me, I interpret it as the Vatican saying that we are spending too much time analyzing this particular exchange. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s time to move along. :slight_smile:

This. :sad_yes:

Francis has been pretty clear when it comes to Church teaching on social issues. Little was left to the imagination and those on the left with any knowledge of Pope Francis knew that. Francis, wisely, made the decision to focus on those issues which were not being discussed as widely (poverty, climate, treatment of elderly, war, et cetera) and that was what gave him his immense popularity.
"Earlier this year, in the Philippines, he said that efforts to redefine marriage were a form of “ideological colonisation” resulting from confusing presentations of sexuality and marriage, which threaten to “disfigure God’s plan for Creation” - I’d say he was pretty clear.

Meeting with Kim Davis is different. Kim Davis made a scene for no reason, she should’ve stepped down. She had the luxury to avoid contradicting her faith. Her entire argument is one giant slippery slope. If she can reject marriage license that she views as immoral, why can’t others (I.E divorce). She is not a hero nor a martyr. She is a selfish women who knew she’d get attention and wanted to keep her 80k salary. If she really wanted to make sacrifices for her faith she would’ve left her nice, cozy, job and the benefits it came with. Meeting with her accomplished nothing, but it did do a nice job of completely overshadowing the message the Pope came here with.

The Pope bought the message of religious freedom. To make his point crystal clear about the abuse of religious freedom in the US he visited Kim Davis and the Little Sister of the Poor. He evidently disagrees with you about Kim Davis. He also evidently disagrees with you about the message he was sending on his visit.


I now believe he probably did meet with Kim Davis, though like you, I think it’s a bit presumptuous to believe he knew about her case prior to meeting her. He was probably briefed by some aides, etc. who thought it would be a good idea. Like you, with more than a billion Catholics to shepherd, I can’t see him following the case of one Pentecostal closely at all even though he cares for all people the world over. I do believe the CNN reporter who said the Pope said he was not familiar with her case at all.

I agree with you completely about Kim Davis. If she really wanted to make a sacrifice for her faith, she would have left her job, true. She wanted to have her cake and eat it, too.

I also agree that the Pope’s meeting with her accomplished nothing but overshadow all the wonderful other things he did. I love and respect the Holy Father, and I have to assume he wasn’t aware of Davis’ selfishness. It makes me feel a little sick that he met with her. I feel our Holy Father was used, that his goodness and mercy were used for Kim Davis’ benefit.

I see we have went from “he didn’t meet with her” to “he didn’t know who he was meeting with”. Given his comments in his speech about religious liberty and his unscheduled meetings with Ms. Davis and Little Sisters of the poor it seems obvious he was familiar with her case-especially in light of his comments on conscientious objection on the plane home.

So when I refuse to do a tax return for someone who has income from abortion facilities it is your opinion I should shut my business down rather than just refuse to do them?

Meeting with Kim Davis did not overshadow the wonderful things he did-it affirmed them.


We should also keep in mind that the very American idea that “all religions are equal under the eyes of the law” is not native to other countries, and is certainly not a view supported by our jealous God. Christianity does not conform to this world, no matter how much comfortable ‘freedom’ we may happen to have in a given country in a given era. Christianity is the ultimate counter-culture.

I’d ask those who find fault in Ms. Davis’s actions to consider thinking as American Christians, not somewhat-Christianized Americans.

I am somewhat puzzled the Popes actions surprised so many people. The Church’s view on Homosexuality and homosexual marriage is well known. Did they really believe the Pope didn’t agree with the Church’s teachings on this matter?

I agree with everything you wrote. I don’t blame the Holy Father. He was an innocent victim. I don’t think he knows anything about Kim Davis and the way she used her position. I agree. What a shame. Next she’ll probably have a multimillion dollar book deal. I don’t really care, but I do care that she doesn’t drag our Pontiff into her schemes.

So the Pope was duped? Do you think he was also duped about AGW and immigration? Given his comments on the plane about conscientious objection to immoral laws it is obvious he knew exactly what he doing when he met Ms. Davis. Ms Davis was willing go to jail rather than compromise her religious beliefs. We should be praising this brave women as clearly the Pope did

I truly hope this is a hoax. I don’t want it to have happened, I don’t want the Pope to have been used this way.

According to her lawyer, it was a 10 minute private meeting. I find that hard to believe, honestly.

As they said on CNN–thousands of people surrounding the Pope, cameras everywhere, millions of people watching on TV, and not a single person saw her? Maybe she was in disguise. :wink:

So when you disagree with the Pope he has been “used” I have said all along that there would be hell to pay when the left realized the Pope really is Catholic.

BTW-the Vatican Confirmed the meeting took place.

A brave woman would have resigned. She would have said, “I cannot, in good conscience, place my name in official endorsement on these certificates. I cannot fulfill the responsibilities I was sworn to perform. Therefore I resign from the office of <county clerk, whatever>.”

She would have had job offers and offers of support and help before the door closed behind her.

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