Reports: School shooting in suburban Seattle


Police are responding to a shooting at a high school north of Seattle, according to media reports.

The Marysville school district released a statement that says, "the Marysville Pilchuck High School is currently in lock down due to an emergency situation. Police and emergency services have responded.

No! Not again! Lord, have mercy! :frowning:


So far, other than the gunman according to the news, we don’t know of any deaths. So we will see. Very sad.


This is becoming more and more depressing. What’s worse is that many have come to expect this kind of thing now.


They reported “unconfirmed” that there was a big fight at the school yesterday, so this may not be your typical random shooter. Report he fired at one table in particular in the cafeteria. Sadly, unconfirmed too, there may be 2 killed by the shooter but that is unconfirmed along with the shooter allegedly committing suicide. (Fox News) So we will see.


Now confirmed on Fox – two fatalities, plus suicide.


People are panicking over Ebola, proposing draconian measures that would do nothing to prevent an epidemic.

This is the twenty-seventh school shooting since the beginning of the school year, yet we are unwilling even to discuss possible ways to curtain these assaults on our children.

One boy I just heard interviewed said he was able to escape the cafeteria because the shooter had to stop to reload.



And I’ve heard that the school does have a resource office.

It’s not officially labelled terrorism and it didn’t come from a foreign country, so I guess the status quo will remain just that.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Really, places like Chicago have a high murder rate in the inner city, people getting killed every weekend, but oh wait, we have to see if this is some surburban highschool. :whistle:


And the USA wants to send troops all over the world to protect people in other countries. There are about one thousand American military bases overseas.
Why not close down at least one or two hundred military American military bases and use these soldiers to protect schoolchildren from being shot to death while attending school? Why is it more important for American soldiers to protect foreigners overseas in foreign countries and not protect American children attending school from being shot? Aren’t American schoolchildren worth something? Don’t American school children deserve to be able to attend school safely and without fear of being murdered by these crazed killers? 27 school shootings since the beginning of the school year, and still nothing is done to protect American school children from being injured or killed from gunshot wounds, while hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent to protect foreigners in far away countries?
Why is the safety of foreign nationals more important to the American politicians than the safety and the lives of American school children?


What about the parents? At some point between boyhood and manhood we learn that just cause you ate upset at someone doesn’t mean you harm them.

What we need is a better dialog on impulse control or other ways to deal with these issues.


It seems we have a whole generation of young adults growing up with little to no coping mechanisms,that with, as you mentioned lack of impulse control and this is what we see happen with greater frequency.


Part of the answer is simple. If anyone else in that cafeteria besides the shooter had a gun this might have been prevented. It’s one thing to work up the courage to go into a building with hundreds of people when you know for a fact none of them will have a weapon to fight back with. It’s quite another to walk in knowing someone will have a weapon.


Oh, so now an armed person in every room? I wonder, if there is a statistical calculation of how many accidental injuries would result versus lives saved. Perhaps we could have the numbers, and a reasonable discussion about such a scenario, if studies were conducted. Have they been?


We are a society that is suffering from soul sickness.It isn’t the gun that is the issue.That our youth (and other sectors of society) have so little regard for life,including their own,that they csn impulsively act out their angst by going on a killing spree is beyond troubling.
What has changed in the last twenty some years that we are raising a generation incapable of coping with life and all of it’s stressors?


Well there are 300 million privately owned guns in the US and around 600 accidental gun deaths per year. One death for every 500,000 guns. There are 3.7 million teachers so if we added that many more guns that would be 7 deaths a year. Crude and inaccurate stat I know but I think it does give some perspective.


You need to add injuries. Guns don’t always kill but the injuries can still be serious.


Rather than give teachers semi-automatic machine guns to kill intruders, I think it would be better to station military troops with sharpshooters on each campus. These sharpshooters could identify, target and eliminate anyone who tried to kill schoolchildren. Teachers are not trained in how to use these weapons.


A society with high school campuses patrolled by armed soldiers, with sharpshooters watching everyone from their sniper nests, strikes me as a very, very sick society, and one in which I never, ever want to live.

Good God, what a nightmare.


Well there’s nothing you can do about this fallen world. You’re in it like it or not.


Prayers for the departed.

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