Reports Turkish Troops Have Sealed Off Incirlik US/NATO Nuclear Air Base


**TURKISH citizens and police have ‘surrounded’ the Incirlik air base it operates with the United States — and where a large stockpile of NATO nuclear weapons is held — ahead of a visit by a senior US official tomorrow.

Reports out of Turkey suggest all entrances to the air base have been blocked by heavy vehicles and police sent to secure its perimeter.

The unusual nigh-time move sparked rumours of a second coup attempt on Turkish social media, with concerned citizens rushing to the air base to join the blockade.**

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So who are these guys blockading? Are they attempting to keep someone else out or keep someone else in?


It is my understanding that there have been several Military Coups in modern Turkey. What stands out for me is the complete and total ineptness of the 2016 Military Coup. In the past when Turkey’s Military executed a coup the coup was conducted very efficiently. I don’t believe for one moment that the recently failed Military Coup in Turkey was a genuine “Military Coup”. I believe that President Recep Erdogan staged a phony Military Coup under the premise that he would than be able to remove those who opposed his Islamist policy in Turkey and to consolidate his power.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, modern Turkey’s founding father, wanted Turkey to become a modern secular republic closely tied to Europe. Recept Erdogan as both Prime Minister and President has been engaging in a campaign to make Turkey into an Islamic state. The seizing of the US / NATO Nuclear Air Base does not bode well.

At one time President Obama had a very friendly and cordial relationship with President Erdogan. I believe President Obama had wanted to believe that Erdogan would be positive for Turkey and for the Middle East. In time it became clear to President Obama that Erdogan was not positive but negative for Turkey and the region.

President Erdogan has blamed US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen for orchestrating the Military Coup. They want Fetullah Gulen to be returned to Turkey to face charges. Erdogan will no doubt us the Nuclear Air Base as leverage to have Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen returned to Turkey. It will be interesting to see how this will play out.


that is what I am wondering too…I would not want to live in Turkey right now!


It’s not that they are attempting to prevent someone else from getting in but rather that that want to seize the Nuclear Air Base to put pressure on President Obama to extradite Islam cleric Fethullah Gulen. President Erdogan is currently removing is opponents from the Turkish Military. Fetullah Gullen is his adversary. He would love to have Fetullah Gullen neutralized. Although he is currently living in Pennsylvania he still has a strong following in Turkey.


this is a nuclear air base?


Yep. It’s the largest NATO nuclear base outside the US mainland if I’m not mistaken.


is the media covering this story? thankfully, I will be getting cable later today and will be able to keep up with the news.


I have found memories of Incirlik from Operation Northern Watch. Got great deals on leather and silver. Lots of tailored suits dirt cheap too.

Probably not so much now.


Haven’t seen much focus being put on it. No one seems overly concerned yet. Though I imagine the military wouldn’t advertise if they were quietly shipping the 60 or so warheads stored in Turkey to other locations.


This has all the makings of another Obama/Clinton-made mess.

Only these two could make this strong, solid, pro west ally into yet another Middle East basket-case. No wonder the media is silent. If Turkey blows up, it will dwarf all of there past Middle East blunders put together.


How could you possibly see this as an “Obama/Clinton” made mess? The citizens of Turkey elected Erdogan as their Prime Minister in 2003. And the coup attempt has all the hallmarks of being an inside set up by Erdogan.


Turkey is just another ally that this team has managed to alienate and mismanage. The list of alienated allies keeps getting longer, to the point that no country looks to us to lead, or even gives a darn what we have to say and the results have led to chaos all over the globe.

It has been a startling 8 years of global anarchy due to these two.


In no way do I defend Erdogan. But it has to be admitted that long ago Erdogan offered to send Turkish ground troops into Syria to defeat ISIS if the U.S. would declare a “no fly” zone over the effort. That was long before Russia decided it was safe to intervene there, violate Turkish air space and threaten Turkey.

Why did Turkey want the no-fly zone? Because ERdogan didn’t want Iranian puppet Assad’s air force bombing his troops.

But Obama/Clinton refused Turkey’s offer, preferring to take pot-shots at ISIS in aid of Iranian-led Shiite militias taking over Sunni areas in Iraq.

Then Putin decided he could go in and bolster Assad because obviously the Obama/Clinton administration was going to do nothing more.

So, Obama/Clinton took the Iranian/Shia side against the Turkish/Sunni side in the war over the Middle East that Obama/Clinton caused by abandoning Iraq prematurely to begin with.

Even a scoundrel like Erdogan sometimes has reasons to be rightly resentful.


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