Reprint of The Marian Missal

I am just thinking if the Marian Missal has the prefaces in Latin as well as the propers for different Feasts.
What are the differences of this missal to others?
Also what are some good (and cheap) Tridentine Missals out there?

As in, Tridentine hand missals? Or altar ritual editions?

The cheapest TLM Missal is the red Mass pamphlet usually in the lobby of most TLM churches. The next cheapest is probably “My Sunday Missal” explained by Fr. Stedman, The Neuman Press.

If you are looking for hand missals for mass in the Extraordinary Form here are links so you can compare from the websites. I’ve only handled the Angelus Press version.

Remember the Extrodinary form uses the 1962 missal. You can get by using missals published up to 1963 as just a few words changed. Remember Holy Week changed completely in 1955 or '56.

As for reprints of complete missals that have been reprinted:
St. Andrew Daily Missal 1945 (St. Bonaventure Publications) $50.00
St. Joseph Daily Missal 1953 (St. Bonaventure Publications) $58.00
New Marian Missal 1958 (MIQ) $39.95

Recently designed missals that use the 1962 rubrics with updates
1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal (Angelus Press) $63.00
Daily Missal 1962 (Baronius Press) $59.95

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My TLM missal is a re-print of the 1958 New Marian Missal. It does have all the prefaces in Latin and English as well as the propers for different Feasts.

I bought it in May when I started to attend the TLM on a monthly basis.

It has it’s good and bad points.

Good points:

  1. At least 20$ cheaper than the other popular missals (this is the main reason why I got it),
  2. Contains the Mass Ordinary as well as the Introit, Gradual/Tract, Offertory, Preface, and Communion of each Mass in Latin and English.
  3. Easy to follow.
  4. Stations of the Cross, Prayers before and after Communion, Prayers before Confession, Instruction on the Mass, the Liturgy, the Vestments, updated Holy Week liturgies, devotions to Mary and the Eucharist, instruction on each Mass.
  5. Not heavy.

Bad points:

  1. Contains the Collect, Epistle, Gospel, Secret, and Post-communion of each Mass only in English.
  2. There are some typos.
  3. The Calendar being used is the 1955 General Roman Calendar. While similar to the 1962 calendar currently in use for the TLM, it has some differences.
  4. Only 2 ribbons. I figure you need at least 4 if you’re planning to use it daily. I improvise by using holy cards.
  5. Although I didn’t know this when I bought the missal, it is distributed by a sedevacantist organization called the CMRI (Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen). They are not in union with Rome and claim the new Holy Orders are not valid. None of their theology, however, is in the missal itself (for instance, they don’t bash the new Mass in the missal).

In retrospect, I did the best I could with the New Marian Missal. I was not prepared to spend $60 on a missal for a traditional Mass I was going to attend once a month, so I made do with what I had. And despite its drawbacks, this missal works for my needs.

If you have the $60 and are going to go to the TLM exclusively, I recommend going for either the SSPX Missal or the Baronius Press Missal. If I’m not mistaken, Baronius Press is affiliated with the FSSP.

If you want a handmissal, hands down, go for the Baronius Press one. It has both the Latin and the English side-by-side, has an imprimatur and nihil obstat, and it is still small. It’s wonderful. $60.

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