Reproductive cells

is it moral to study reproductive cells in laboratory?

for example, to find out exactly how sperm cells and ovules worked and looked like, they would have had to been extracted and looked at under a microscope.

is it a sin?

It depends on how they were extracted and what you do with them once they are extracted.

Like the other poster said it depends.

However, the Church allows the use of a perforated condom (remains open to life) to collect a sample of sperm for testing to see if there is a problem with a man if his wife has not been successful in conceiving.

So many things happen in the name of science…
And us humans are really an inquisitive lot…
If there is a can in your pantry without a label,sooner or later someone will open the lid,

What makes you think it is a sin? Which commandment would it break?

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