Reproductive endocrinologist - women please help


I am a young woman, and I’m not married.

I was told I need to see a reproductive endocrinologist because there is a possibility that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS/PCOD).

I have not been to see one, but the doctor who suggested this told me that they would put me on birth control most likely if I am diagnosed with this. I understand that it is morally ok to be on birth control if one has a medical problem and the treatment is birth control, but I have heard over and over again there are other options which are better. I do not want to give money for birth control… I don’t want to support the industry… I want another option. I also do not want to have to debate with a doctor about something I know little about trying to get her/him to just tell me other options that do not have to do with birth control. I would like to see a doctor that has refused to prescribe birth control. I understand these do exist. Does anyone know of one that is a reproductive endocrinologist? Does anyone have PCOS? If so, how do you deal with it? What process did they put you through to diagnosis you?

Thanks guys!


Hey DaughterofMary:) ,

I have seen people post these websites before and they seem to have good info: you can find a catholic doctor in your area dr. hilgers I hear does a lot of pro-catholic approaches to helping women with this condition from the website… maybe give them a call and see what they can do.

hope that helps :thumbsup: ,


I have that diagnosis and followed the path you have described. ABC can help with some things but in many cases it causes more problems than it helps. I see Dr. Hilgers of the Pope Paul VI institute, which adheres completely to Catholic Teaching. He has trained doctors across the country and one may be near you! There method is called naprotechnology which the previous poster referenced, and they will do everything they can to protect your fertility and health. Even if there isn’t a doctor near you, Dr. Hilgers works with people across the country. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions but I recommend checking the websites the previous poster listed.


I have PCOS, and birth control is NOT a treatment for it! All it does is cover up the symptoms you are having. It does nothing at all to cure the disease. The most standard treatment for it is the drug metformin (actually a diabetic drug). Most ‘regular’ docs prescribe BCP because it’s easy. A RE should know better. If they suggest it, refuse. It will not help. You need to have the problem treated, not just have the symptoms masked.


Look for your doctor to suggest things that help with insulin resistance, like low-carb eating, exercise and medicines also prescribed for diabetics, such as metformin.



I have PCOS, and all the fun that often accompanies it.
Overweight, high blood pressure, hypothyroid, pre-diabetes.

Most docs will go the abc route b/c it is quick and works,
at least on the cover. It does nothing to help the pcos.

I am now taking blood pressure med, synthroid for my thryoid, and Metformin for the pre-diabetes. I am also 10w pregnant.

It took some time to get the thyroid med dosage right, but once it was, my cycle straightened out on its own, and the last month b/f I became pregnant (through IUI, I"m not Catholic), I only needed
Clomid to mature my eggs, and Follistim to release them.

This combo of meds and infertility drugs was just what I needed.
So whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, have your doc check your thyroid, it can make alll the difference!


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