"Reproductive Health" Bill in Colorado

Archbishop Aquila will conduct a prayer vigil on the steps of the Colorado Capitol at 3:00 today re SB 175. The archbishop’s letter regarding this horrible bill can be found at denvercatholicregister.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/04/BISHOPS-LETTER-SB-175.pdf. Please spread the word on all social media.

“health” is to abortion as “economic necessity” is to slavery

Of course, this is objectively wrong, but even more generally, its this idea that big government and force is the answer to all our problems- moral, medical and economical- that is behind all these ill-conceived legislative attempts. Even the most morally wonderful personal suggestion becomes toxic when it is forced upon people.

Keep praying everyone!

A bill offered by Democrats aimed at guarding against restrictions of abortion faces an uncertain future in the state senate.

Yet another example showing that there IS a difference in the political parties, and that the Democratic Party is pro-abortion. Ya know, enough of these types of things, and eventually some Catholics are going to have to wake up to the fact that their party is contradictory to the faith.

Colorado Democrats Give up Abortion Fight

Was there. Contacting senators and representatives does make a difference!

Tabled until May 8. Since the session ends on May 7, essentially means the bill is dead.


But it sets a new low, what I don’t like is this may become one of those things that will have to be battled time and again. Maybe not now, this year or next but some time again.

I don’t know about your state. Here in Colorado, we’ve had to battle time and again.

Here, it’s not a new low, just typical—unfortunately. :frowning:

To our liberal friends on this forum:

How can you support ANY party that wants to allow abortion for any reason at least up until birth? How? How can ANY other policy position over-ride that blood lust?

I’m just shocked at the potential of this bill. Under this bill, had it passed, a woman could kill her unborn baby literally until the child was completely out of her body and the state of Colorado could pass NO LAW preventing that.



The bill died…thank God…something to celebrate (:egyptian:) this Holy Week…a good Bishop leading his flock in prayer (:highprayer:) seems to work faster than voting GOP for 40 years (:banghead::hmmm:). God Bless everyone.

Alas, the Republican Party is dead set against the rest of the Social Magisterium, or think they’re in compliance with it if they perform acts of private charity. The popes teach otherwise.

A Moral Center Party in which the whole of Catholic teaching is uheld without pharisaical evasions or immoral evasions in either direction would be best; but the two parties established an essential lock on any other party participation early in the 20th century.

Your slander regarding the Republican Party is unnacceptable. There is absolutely NO requirement for a Catholic to believe that works of charity and mercy must be completed by the govt. In fact, a Catholic is NOT completing their required good works by letting govt do their work for them. This is an area of prudential judgment for Catholics to decide upon the best way to order society and how best to care for the needy, poor, and sick. There is also the Catholic principle of subsidiarity that must be weighed against the principal of solidarity.

Please show your evidence for where Pope’s have taught that govt must be the supplier of works of charity and mercy.

This great piece of advice from the high abortion state of California.

Let’s see, Missouri, 1 abortion clinic, Mississippi, 1 abortion clinic, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Texas, clinics closed, planned parenthood, big democrat party supporter defunded.

Well, at least with me, the lives of babies and saving babies is more important than criticizing one party and bearing false witness. :banghead:

We know the Federal Government has worked well doing charitable projects, Philadelphia, New York City, Detroit, Chicago. Oh wait.

This doesn’t even make sense, the bill failed in Colorado because all Republicans voted against it and 1 or 2 Democrats seemed willing to break party lines.**

Unless of course, you can prove otherwise. :highprayer:

I’m sure the Bishop thanks the politicians who represented the people and voted against the Bill. If in fact, you have any interest in the true politics of what happened.:banghead:

God Bless Everyone, especially those who would vote down the bill, not sure if a Democrat can even be counted in that number but the bill was tabled.

Agree with your first point. Your last point is utterly simplistic and wrong.


I don’t know of any policies of the GOP that go against Church Teaching.Can you give us some examples?

A Moral Center Party in which the whole of Catholic teaching is uheld without pharisaical evasions or immoral evasions in either direction would be best; but the two parties established an essential lock on any other party participation early in the 20th century.

And what evasions are those?

Yes, a party which upheld 100% Catholic moral teaching would be best…

Getting back to reality, I will settle or a party which is not at war with the Catholic church. Perhaps you’ve seen that party - the Republicans?


Way to many Democrat Catholics believe they can fulfill their personal obligation to help the poor and needy by voting for someone who promises to take other people’s money and do it for them.

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