"Reproductive technology" gone wrong. VERY wrong

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I wonder when the pro-choice folks will “get it” that there are tremendously difficult ethical dilemmas that arise from decisions to create life (i.e. IVF) or to destroy it (i.e. abortion)?

When children become a commodity, they can be destroyed at will.

You’re right, Jim. I’m just so sorry to know that there are people with so little compassion. The woman who decided to kill her babies wanted children enough to go through a difficult procedure. Why, then, would she be so cavalier about deciding to allow them to die?

Maybe the depersonalization of children begins with the IVF procedure itself. Children are viewed not as a gift from God, but as a product to be purchased. And that starts everything off on the wrong premise. One of the products was, in her view, defective. The product she wanted was destroyed in error, so she didn’t keep the “defective” one either.

In fact I think that it goes back even further, to the acceptance of artificial contraception. In one instance, children are an unwanted side-effect to be avoided through the use of technology, and in the other, they are a desired product to be obtained through the use of technology. The decoupling of the unitive from the procreative has become complete, and with it, the dehumanization of children.

I think it is interesting that this doctor is “suicidal” now that he is facing consequences, i.e. losing his license, and not four years ago, when the “mistake” occurred. There is no doubt in my mind that he should not be practicing medicine, partly b/c his concern seems to be for himself and not his patients. Not that I agree in any way with what that woman did.

You know what the ironic thing about this is, according to the law, all he did was “remove tissue”. He didn’t murder any “babies”. The most they could probably get him with is “destruction of property”.

But IVF is a sick thing to engage in, my uncle told me of a friend of his, who went through IVF with her husband, they’d tried for years and had remortaged their home to get funds for further rounds - our govt. only funds two cycles of IVF. Anyway, finally, the woman fell pregnant, and on the routine scan they found four babies.

Well, they didn’t want four babies. They wanted ONE baby. So they went in and did a selective termination and kill three of them. Something went wrong and a few days later the woman miscarried the fourth child. She had retained placental tissue, it got infected, and as a result, she had to have an emergency hysterectomy.

And yet, everyone has all this sympathy for the poor couple and theri struggle to have children. People seem to forget, that they had children, they just decided to kill three of them. The fourth died as a result of that triple homicide.

Some peopel view children as a right, as some kind of product, so when such a mindset exists in society, it is no surprise that such horror stories crop up.

And honestly, I have no sympathy for these women and their husbands, and especially not the dirty abortionists.

My sympathy is for the children they were supposed to want, but killed anyway.

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