Republican Carson's campaign manager, communications director have resigned: campaign


Two top aides in U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign have resigned, the campaign said on Thursday.

Communications director Doug Watts announced his and campaign manager Barry Bennett’s resignations effective immediately in a statement, saying they respect the retired neurosurgeon and have enjoyed helping him reach “top tier status” in the crowded Republican field.

“We are proud of our efforts for Dr. Carson and we wish him and his campaign the best of luck,” Watts wrote.

Looks like Carson’s campaign is self destructing.


Carson has raised a huge amount of money, but it has mostly gone to his staffers as “salaries and expenses.” Dr. Carson is simply unqualified to be President and cannot change that at this late date. Conservatives are coming together behind Ted Cruz.


Kind of early to predict who conservatives are going to back when it comes to the voting. Cruz has his own feet of clay; just a different kind of clay.

I’m conservative but not a Cruz supporter or a Trump supporter, either one. But I’ll say this. Cruz is awfully fond of “going constitutional”. It’s “constitutional this” and “unconstitutional that”, and I’m sure all but a faithful few’s eyes glaze over when he does that.

A big question in my mind is whether Trump is going to beat Cruz to addressing voters in a non-ideological way or vice versa; really getting to them where they live. I’m not sure which is going to do that, but right now I would say Trump is closer. If neither does, then somebody else in the lineup might, and then this will all change.


That is your opinion and you are welcome to it.


I think it’s been self destructing for a while now. This may be a nail in the coffin.


I don’t think it is self destructing. Carson made a statement he was going to shake up the staff members. He had hinted that one or two would probably be replaced.
Maybe he just wants a stronger team as they head to the final stretch. He can change his strategy if he wants. This is his first time to enter politics and he started at the top and has done remarkably well.


If only Dr. Carson had been capable of understanding that the Egypt’s pyramids were in reality fallout shelters and were not “built by the biblical Joseph to store grain” then he might have had a decent chance of becoming the President of the United States of America.

Republican presidential hopeful stands by remarks made in 1998, but criticised ‘scientists’ who he said claimed pyramids were built by ‘alien beings’


I don’t think this was Carson’s idea. See:


The article cites Carson’s lack of political experience and that he has never held public office. That could also apply to Trump.


well there were rumors a week to two weeks ago that he wanted to make changes so maybe people were afraid they would be fired and just quit. maybe he will have better people get on board. we will have to wait and see if there are people who still believe in his campaign.


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