Republican claims Hitler not a white supremacist after comparing coronavirus measures to Nazi rule

The uproar began when an Alaskan representative emailed all 39 of his statehouse colleagues to compare health screening stickers to the badges that singled out Jews during the Holocaust.

“If my sticker falls off, do I get a new one or do I get public shaming too?” Ben Carpenter, a Republican, wrote on Friday, sharing his dismay at a new requirement for legislators returning to the Alaska Capitol amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Are the stickers available as a yellow Star of David?”

The backlash was swift: “Ben, this is disgusting,” one Jewish representative wrote back in emails first posted by the Alaska Landmine . “I don’t think a tag that we’re cleared to enter the building is akin to being shipped to a concentration camp,” responded another. The leader of the state House’s Republican delegation said Mr Carpenter should apologise.

But Mr Carpenter dug in.

“Can you or I - can we even say it is totally out of the realm of possibility that Covid-19 patients will be rounded up and taken somewhere?” he said later in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News , arguing that officials are overreacting to the coronavirus with limits on people’s liberty. “People want to say Hitler was a white supremacist. No. He was fearful of the Jewish nation, and that drove him into some unfathomable atrocities.”

This is dangerous idiocy.

Eh, unfortunately you could also say the Democrats are just as bad because of Antifa and that Bernie supporter who laughingly called himself an anarchist and wanted to bring gulags to the United States. Expressing admiration for a regime that murdered millions, among them the Cossacks and Ukranians.

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How do those examples indicate a white nationalism problem in the democratic party?

Who said they do? This thread is about picking out two bad examples, one singular and one plural, and ascribing them to an entire group of people you politically disagree with.

So I did the same thing.

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I said the republican party had uncomfortably close relationships to white nationalism, and you said the democrats were just as bad. Did you actually mean “Well the democrats are bad in an unrelated way?”

So white nationalism is more bad than letting Ukrainians starve to death? And shipping Cossacks on unheated trains to Siberia?

Ooo, answering a question with a question! I can play that game too! Why don’t you make a new post complete with a news article where your point is relevant?

Oh I forgot this was a thread where you tarred most Republicans as fascist white nationalists because you don’t like their views.


This is a thread about a republican defending Hitler.

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They do not represent that spectrum of violence, but the opposite spectrum. The point is saying something this absurd is representative of Republicans is not really fair, any more than saying Antifa was representative of Democrats, though that too has happened.


So white nationalism is more bad than letting Ukrainians starve to death? And shipping Cossacks on unheated trains to Siberia?

I can’t imagine there are any Stalinists in actual positions of power in the establishment Democratic Party, certainly not as many as there have been people with connections to the Alt-right in the Republican Party.

This isn’t to defend the Democratic Party - like both parties in the American government, they’re pretty effective at creating their own historical “crimes.” I’m not sure they’re Stalinists, though.


This bit in particular worries me, it dredges up notions of some unified Jewish cabal working behind the scenes to influence things.


So just to be clear:
The origin of the “Hitler was just scared” story that this Representative has parroted is literal Nazi propaganda. As in, back when the Nazi’s wanted to do inhumane things to the Jews, they produced fearmongering propaganda falsely blaming Chinese communism & the associated deaths on the Jews.

I think Steven Miller is relevant because when he wanted to implement the inhumane family separation policy, he first asked Breitbart to run fearmongering propaganda promoting white replacement myths.

It’s hard to call this a parody when the actual United States government has actually adopted white nationalist policies under Republican watch.

I have not said all Republicans are White nationalists, only that the Republican party has been maintaining uncomfortably close contact with white nationalist ideas.


Yes, this was my biggest concern when reading this, as well.

We see it now and then here on CAF. I won’t name the poster, but he/she is a pro-Palestinian leftist who claims the U.S. is a captive of Jewish lobbying groups in this country.

But while I don’t know that it matters to say it, I don’t think it’s quite accurate to say Hitler was a “white supremacist”. Generally speaking, Jews are considered “white”. Slavs are always considered “white”, yet he wanted to eliminate them too. He found a way to call Japanese “Aryan”. Hard to know much he really believed his “racial” theories. But whether he did or not does not change the fact that he was a mass murderer.

White is a construct as much as a reality and Hitler placed the Slavs in a category of undesirable, however his supremacist views are best understood through a Germanic lens and whilst they share parallels with American racial supremacist nonsense (as such nonsense always does) they also reflect the many centuries of local hatred. Jews are someone I deal with all deal every day as customers and some would be seen as white, others as middle-eastern, others yet would be seen as black as the area of London I work in has Jews from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The ‘white’ Jews make up the majority of the populace but there also quite a few Mizrahi Jews as well:- image

Plus a very small number of Jews from Beta Israel. Although they are a very small group of a few families.


That being all interesting asides the politician who came out with this is an eejit, not unique to America mind you. We have some fine specimens of this sort of tomfoolery in the UK and Ireland and the ugliness of it appals me. It infest the political party I belong to which cause me second thoughts about being a member at times in recent years as it has gotten more and more ugly and noticeable.


Slavs are always considered “white”, yet he wanted to eliminate them too.

This is not true. Considering Slavs to be “Asiatic” or somehow non-white and non-European was very common. Keep in mind that lots of Eastern European countries only really adopted a European identity relatively recently - for Russia it began around the 17th century, and even within the country for long after there was debate over whether or not Russia should adopt European customs or forge some kind of independent identity.

So from within and without Slavic countries, the notion that Slavs are European or white has not always been believed.


I agree with you about certain elements of Asiatic culture in Russia. But Poland has been resolutely “western” for centuries. Caught between Teutons and Russians, they deliberately adopted elements of “Mediterranean” culture. Some Poles, of course, (particularly in Galicia) are more Celtic than anything else. Some are very much admixed with Teutons (particularly in what used to be Pomerania and EAst Prussia). But there are undoubtedly some Tatar genes here and there.

And, of course, Bohemia was never “Asiatic” in any way.

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