Republican claims Hitler not a white supremacist after comparing coronavirus measures to Nazi rule

So you deny Old Joe is an old white man?

That is a rhetorical question, not an invitation to engage.

I wasn’t aware that anything posted in an online forum was “not an invitation to engage.”

I made no such denial.
And there was no such proposition to deny.

Merely strawmen and silliness dvdjs. Posted with the bizarre point about that not being an ‘invitation to engage’ on a discussion forum.

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The Democratic party is sooooo diverse the only presidential candidate they can come up with is an old white man. Especially from a fairly diverse pool. Not that I would have supported any of those candidates but it seems the liberals do a lot of talking about diversity but not enough doing.

Presidential bolded for those who didn’t get it last time I said it. Comment if you must, but I have no intention of playing strawman or circular arguments with some of you. It goes nowhere and is not a good use of my time.

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I didn’t get because you didn’t say it:

And neither was that restriction par tof the post you responded to:

Even so, if you are looking at presidential nominees, the case is clear: the last two Republican nominees were “old white men:” and last two democratic nominees weren’t.

Look at the people at the presidential rallies. Not the photo op folks behind the podium, but out in the crowd. Remember the black guy got sucker-punched at the Trump rally?

If you check the attendants you can assess diversity.

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