Republican HQ in Orange County firebombed


Hillsborough police are investigating the apparent weekend firebombing of the Orange County Republican headquarters, an incident that one GOP official called an act of “political terrorism.”


I’m frankly shocked at how little coverage this is getting. If it hadn’t been for a post over at the American Conservative or this thread, I wouldn’t have heard about it at all. Heading over to Google News it hasn’t even shown up yet. I can’t help but wonder if it’s deliberately being underplayed in order to prevent it from being used in favor of the Trump campaign.

Who knows, maybe they’re just waiting till they get all the facts. Or this is another example of an incredibly unreliable and biased news media.


Police in North Carolina investigating GOP office hit by suspected firebombing and vandalism, local officials say.


It’s on the Drudge Report, anyways.


This firebombing was an act of love. Only bad news get reported.




Should probably wait for facts…would be horrible to weigh in about Dems doing it, only to find out some rogue GOP supporter did it.

Thankfully no one hurt.


The CNN story (buried at the bottom of the feed…) said it was a group who spray painted Nazi Republicans get out of town or else…luckily no-one was hurt.


Tsk tsk tsk…:angry:


Not very Christian.


The story was mentioned on the national broadcast of NBC News:


Sorry, I was trying for a humorous comment highlighting how, these days, good and evil acts are determined by who does them, and not by the acts themselves, but apparently fell far short. My apologies to everyone.






How awful.


Terrible! :frowning:


This seems like it should be a major U.S. story to me, too. Odd that it isn’t.


It’s on every US news site I’ve looked at and many TV broadcasts just flipping during football commercials.


It seems to be reported on by the major US news outlets: ABC, CBS, NBC, the Associated Press, the New York Times, etc.


I’m not blaming Hillary Clinton for the firebomb because that was the fault of the person or people that carried it out, but I think I saw somebody point out on twitter about dehumanising language I think perhaps in regards to Hillary Clinton’s past comments, and it is worth wondering if Hillary Clinton’s comments about ‘half’ of Trump’s supporters being a ‘basket of deplorables’ and 'irredemable, (although I think Gov. Mike Pence said in the vice presidential debate that Hillary Clinton went back on the ‘half’)… that kind of rhetoric, contributed to creating an atmosphere where a person or people would think so badly of Republicans. I think people need to be much more careful in how they characterise people across the board.

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