Republican Party's Favorability Rating Edges Lower


The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted April 12-19 finds that the Republican Party’s image, already quite negative, has slipped since last fall. Currently 33% of the public has a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 62% have an unfavorable view. Unfavorable opinions of the GOP are now as high as at any point since 1992.

By contrast, public views of the Democratic Party are unchanged since October. Currently, 45% of the public has a favorable impression of the Democratic Party, while 50% have an unfavorable opinion.

Just 28% of independents view the Republican Party favorably, while 37% say they have a favorable impression of the Democratic Party. Notably, just 43% of Republican-leaning independents view the GOP favorably, while 50% hold a negative opinion of the party.

Among most demographic groups, more have a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party.

Every demographic group, women by 17 points (49%-32%), men (43%-32%), blacks, Hispanics, and every age group and educational level had a more favorable opinion of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party with the lone exception being whites which split evenly with identical shares of whites viewing both parties favorably (37% each).


22% dissatisfied with both. In due time I see that number rise to above 50%.


Both parties are viewed more unfavourably than favourably, but the Republicans more so. I suspect the presidential race has something to do with this. I think for the Republicans it may have something to do with all the division in the primary, with all the candidates etc. There has been less of that on the Democratic side.


I think it’s more one candidate, Trump, than all the GOP candidates. Still, I realize that people are growing more and more dissatisfied with both major parties, and that will probably continue.


I would not be surprised to see a different major party emerge in the next 4 years due to the electorates’ current dissatisfaction.


The European multi-party system, with coalitions of parties based on needs, makes much more sense. The two-party system is subject to too many manipulations by the rich and powerful.


That’s funny, because in my lifetime, I’ve never seen as much enthusiasm for a candidate as I see now.


Yes. Even in a relatively tame Democrat primary, 50% have an unfavorable view.


I don’t think that will happen. I think both parties will reinvent themselves, instead. However, that’s just a guess.


The Republicans have been circling the toilet for a decade and have been in decline for some time before that. I can easily see them fracturing in the Hillarious shadow and one of the new bodies formed running a Presidential candidate possibly in 2024.

The Democrats have less trouble because they stand mostly for life as it exists now. But the world the GOP wants to “conserve” (or rather, restore), just isn’t there, or missed, anymore.



My thoughts exactly. I have never seen rallies of ten of thousands of people for a presidential candidate. Not in my lifetime.


As much as I dislike Obama, didn’t he also draw huge crowds?


Speaking for yourself, of course. I certainly miss a robust economy, freedom of religious expression, less government regulation and intrusion into everyday life, a culture of life, respect for authority, etc.


He certainly did. I should say Republican candidate. Though I’m not sure Obama drew crowds as large as Trump over so long a period of time and in so many locations. I could be wrong, of course.


Perhaps so. I’m more and more disgusted by certain people acting like their party can just *appoint *someone to the presidency.


I don’t think that will happen.

Partly depends on your terminology. The Libertarian Party and Constitution Party are already “major parties” (at least in Wiki’s terminology) but I can see them becoming more major this year – increasing their membership by, say, 100%, 150%, 200%, or even more.

Possibly the Green Party as well.


Statistics! and the way we can use/bend them.:slight_smile: Keep in mind that the turn out in the Republican primaries has never been higher. The energy of the Republican party is huge. the Democrat primaries…not so much. Time will tell, as always.


The Democrats have pretty much known from the beginning that Hillary is going to get the nomination. They’ll all come out to vote in November when it really matters.


Of course. Seems a given that when any poster posts something they are speaking for themselves. :shrug:


I considered voting Green in 2000 but on my way decided I didn’t want to aid GWB. As it turned out I’m glad I didn’t.

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