What a hypocrite!

Well that was roughly 9 years ago when he began to run for office. People change, I know 4 years ago I was admittedly pro-abortion.

Also since the article is HuffPo…there is a lot of skepticism behind this. No doubt the man was an adulterer and pressured his mistress to murder his baby…however people change and calling him a hypocrite when we don’t know the type of man he was in 2000 and now, is a bit of a stretch.

This is just another example of the lengths the left will take to sling mud in this election season! Stand by for much worse the closer we get to election day.
I’m just wondering what the “October Surprise” is that the Obamaites are dreaming up?

Actually, the right is no different when it comes to slinging mud. The only rules in politics are: everything is fair game whether it is truthful or not.

You really think that a report exposing someone who is adamantly “pro-life” and a member of a party that claims the same as pressing the woman he’s cheating on his wife with to get an abortion is great lengths? Really?

Let’s see here, that’s adultery, abortion, and hypocrisy. I do think that should be exposed.

Seems like it was exposed several years ago, according to the article.

Do you know if this is continued behavior? I don’t know one way or the other. That would make a difference.

The transcript of presumably recorded phone call is from 12 years ago.

I would want to know more about his current actions. People make mistakes all the time. There is room for forgiveness, unless they speak one thing and do another.

I happen to be one that is big on actions being louder than words.

What we know about Dr. DesJarlais is that he defeated an Obama Democrat incumbent in 2010 by a wide margin. He has had a prolife record in his 2 years in politics. The pro-abort Democrats brought up this very same 12 year old issue the first time he ran. The voters rejected then and certainly will again.

It should go without saying that pro-abort people have no credibility at all in attacking this prolife physician who, whatever his early life involved, has a sterling record today.

As a conservative, these facts would have been enough to keep me from voting for him.
And BTW, I think the timing of this story is fishy, consitering it’s a 12 year old story. :banghead:

Let’s ask how many of those who vote for more social programs if they’ve ever failed to report any sales taxes or income taxes. Those who vote for OTHERS to pay for the social programs, while directly robbing the social programs from the benefit of more tax revenues, are the true hypocrites! Those who cheat but vote against more social programs can at least say they’re voting with a clean conscience. Both are cheaters, but only one is also a hypocrite!

Two wrongs do not make a right.

People evolve and change. I know I have.

I am totally and fully pro-life. In the past, not so much. I am sure people that knew me 20 to 25 years ago, would be shocked at my stance.

Seeing my premature baby did part of it. Hearing an abortion survivor did the rest.

What’s your point? I already said that both sides are cheaters, except one side is both a cheater and a hypocrite. And these are usually self-righteous people who claim to support the poor, as they are directly stealing tax revenues from them. I have no problem calling them out. Think about it. If they were forced to live their consciences, they would be forced to EITHER stop cheating on their taxes, (which might cause them to vote differently) or continue to cheat on their taxes but stop being a hypocrite who votes for more social programs. One, or the other, but not both. It’s hypocritical.

Blog, citing a blog talking about something that happened prior to 2001. Not really a news article.

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