Republican Senator will step in if Biden doesn't get access to intelligence briefings


Glad there are adults in the room!


It’s inevitable and also inevitable, Biden is our president elect.

I believe Trump knows this, and the delay is a strategy to energize the deciding votes for the upcoming run-off in Georgia…same reason Biden hasn’t been congratulated “publicly” by many of the GOP right now.

Gotta love these politicians

Langford strikes the proper balance here. There is no reason why Vice President Biden and Senator Harris shouldn’t receive these briefings, even while the entire process works it’s way to completion.


I, too, think it is inevitable that Biden will be the president elect.

This is an odd conclusion. ISTM that recognizing Biden’s win would be the energizing force for Republicans to turn out and elected both Senators.
And New Yorker Schumer’s carpetbagger-type comments about wanting to change Georgia and change America should be at the center of the campaign.

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