Republican Senators Who Urged Donald Trump to Step Aside Support Him Again


Two Republican senators who turned against Donald Trump after the release of a damning 2005 video appear to have reversed their positions.

The first to do was Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, who had called for Trump to step aside and cede the GOP nomination to his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence. She now says she will vote for Trump.



Politician flip flops, in other news water is wet, the sky is blue, and the Pope is Catholic.


Yes, this makes them look pretty pathetic. Take a stand for pete’s sake, either way.


The way I see it, if this guy is causing so much trouble and polarization just as a candidate, the prospect of him being President would seem only to escalate this trouble. Just doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll take my chances with 4 years of Clinton. No way am I voting for someone who can’t even keep his party together.


I have to, reluctantly, agree. I’m afraid that Hillary would continue to lead us down the slow decline we’ve been on for the past eight years. (Well, 16 years actually. Bush was no bargain.) But Trump - that guy could end us in a heartbeat.

As for the Republicans whose endorsement of Trump keeps changing from one day to the next, I quote Mrs. Slocombe from Are You Being Served:

Weak as water. WEAK as water.


How exactly could he end us? Such hyperbole with no realistic specifics.


If you read the article it appears that the headline is a little misleading. These two Republican senators have not flip-flopped. They have not reversed their position. They called for Trump to step aside for the good of the party. But neither one of them ever said they would not vote for Trump if he is still the nominee. I suppose their position could be nuanced in terms of the distinction between voting for someone and supporting him. But a true reversal of position would have been if either of these senators took back their call for Trump to step aside. Despite saying they would vote for him, neither one of them disavowed their preference that he step aside.


Blame the establishment Republicans. All he did was beat them and they are having a hard time with that! I would never take my chances with HRC - not in a million years.


Oh, I totally agree that many of them are being the way they are simply because Trump managed to break through the establishment and shatter it. But I think it’s their own fault for allowing that to happen. In a sense, the modern GOP created “Trump” (the movement, and to an extent the character). I remember them conducting an “autopsy” of their party after the 2012 loss. I didn’t expect them to radically change everything about themselves, but I think it’s fair that I expected…something.

But nothing happened. They didn’t learn from their mistakes and failed to recognize why they’ve lost so many voters over the last decade. They steamrolled, stubbornly, onward. And that allowed someone like Trump to swoop in and start spouting off things that would end the careers of most politicians. What’s worse? There’s a market for it. That’s where his die-hard supporters came from.

I don’t think all Trump supporters are racist, homophobic, xenophobic or misogynistic. In fact I’d say most aren’t and support him because he’s the change candidate. They have to take the bad with the good but it’s worth it to them (because it clearly has gotten him this far).

BUT…if one is racist, homophobic, xenophobic or misogynistic…chances are that they’re a Trump supporter.

His rallies scare me. I agree there’s a lot of hyperbole surrounding the guy, but no one can deny his rallies can be dangerous.

I’m voting Clinton because, with all her faults, she won’t run our country into the dirt in four short years. If she comes close, we can replace her.

With trump, I don’t think it’s hyperbolic at all to say I am legitimately afraid of him being in office. His carelessness with words could incite lord knows what. His ego would offend too many allies. His weird ideas about nuclear weapons should be a cause of concern for anyone.

I’m not taking my chances with trump, and I’m frankly surprised anyone is. Surely no one actually believes this man is adamantly pro-life, anti-SSM, or any other conservative value? He ran as a republican because that was the easiest route to take. If the GOP had a candidate who was inevitably going to get the nomination like Clinton did, and Clinton didn’t exist on the democratic side, he would have run as a democrat.


I was preparing to compose a reply when I saw this:

Finite said it better than I could. I agree with Every Single Word!


But Hillary is horribly worse.


I’m with you!:thumbsup:


Yet we don’t have much choice either way the election turns out, do we? Unless, by some miracle, neither candidate gets the required number of electoral votes.


Sadly, I think the powers that be already know who the winner will be. I am at the point that I really am not sure my vote will count.


I live in southern IL. I’m sure my vote will not count.


Please don’t give in to this. That’s what the other side want you to think and feel. The polls out there oversample democrats to republicans around 10 percentage points, and I’m not sure that correctly reflects the turnout we’ll have. Do not be dismayed. It’s not over till it’s over. Trump and Pence are working harder than anyone we’ve seen. They are out there in every state working every day. We cannot lose hope.


Even if your state doesn’t turn the other color, at least if it is a close contest it’ll still send a message, somehow. Plus we really never know how it’s going to turn out. With trump this election has been everything but predictable. None of the pollsters saw him winning the primary, none. So whatever you do, go vote!


Oh I am still voting, don’t misunderstand me. My early ballot should be here Thursday or Friday. I am hoping there are honest people working in the elections office and my ballot will be counted and not taken home. I just read on one website where a democrat campaign staffer told a worker Republican registration forms could be torn up and not turned in! Will there be a lot of republicans who show up to vote and not be on voter rolls?
Trump/Pence still have my vote.


I just wish they could guarantee an honest election!


Hi there, I also heard it.

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