Republicans and Trump Tower


Once upon a time, conservatives were keenly aware of the importance of norms. They are the reason a society does not need to spell out laws to govern all possible behaviors. It is precisely the normative pursuit of virtue that has allowed America to be a land of freedom and liberty. …

The problem, as always, is that Trumpism doesn’t allow for honest appraisals or piecemeal support. If you’re in for a penny, you must be in for a pound. Defending norms was one of the bedrocks of conservative thought right up until the winter of 2016, at which point Republicans suddenly became contemptuous of the very idea of norms.

They have been broken.


And we saw that also being played out yesterday whereas Trump refused to even mention John McCain’s name during his speech where he endorsed the defense budget bill named after the senator. But what’s just as bad is that others in the GOP didn’t say a word, much to the chagrin of former RNC chairman Michael Steele and former GOP representative Joe Scarborough.

In this case, silence is not golden-- it’s cowardly.


Wink wink nudge nudge


Yeah, norms, ethics, rules, honesty, all that tired old-fashioned stuff, none of that matters as long as Trump sticks it to the “liberals,” right, Monte?

That’s what it’s all about, folks. That’s all the Trump base cares about. They don’t know anything about anything, they don’t want to know anything, as long as their crude, crass, ignorant lout shows those lefties who’s boss.


This is the second time in a row that you have attempted to demean me, and I’m going to ask you what I just asked you on another thread after you did the same: do you think making fun of people in order to demean them is moral?


I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you are talking about.

Do you want to discuss politics? Or not?

McCain promised to approve some legislation … and then failed.

A lot of people are looking at McCain closely.

Dissecting his psychology.

Saturday Night Live?

Why on Earth do you think “socialism” is real???


I simply am not going to deal with your level of hostility that includes demeaning those you disagree with.


What demeaning?

Poor ideas deserve sarcasm.


What does this mean? It’s completely incoherent.


He has learnt well from the master…

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