Republicans appear on track to win two congressional seats in boost to Trump

Special elections in CA and WI this week to fill seats to the end of the year when the November winner for the full term takes over. Apparently the CA result is not final as mail-in ballots are still trickling in.

I can’t speak for WI, but I know this district in CA. It is northwest of downtown LA, mostly within LA County and majority white. Democrats flipped the district in 2018, but that was Katie Hill who was forced to resign; this election was to fill her seat. With Garcia’s election, it’s just one election, no trend calling, but I’m seeing a bit of pushback against the lockdowns. Which LA County is about to extend another three months with few concessions as to reopenings. Have yet to hear from my LA connections about that.

LOL…like it is going to make a difference…what would that change Dem to Rep from 233 /197 to 231/199?

Wishful optimism at best for Republicans.

It could be nothing as you assert. Myself, I think the Democrats will lose a few seats but still retain control of the House.

But I would never say never. If the Democrats screw up more than Trump does between now and November, the House could be in play. Before you discount that too much, remember Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose.

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The WI district is heavily Republican in the northwest of the state. It would be remarkable is a Democrat won. We shall wait and see what happens in California.

What I did find to be of note it the two Republican congressman who were under a legal cloud in the elections in 2018. There was Duncan Hunter in California who ran the racist anti-Muslim campaign and Chris Collins from upstate NY. Both were (people assured me) innocent until proven guilty. Well, both eventually pled guilty and resigned from Congress!

Just don’t bother commenting if all you are going to do is bring up irrelevant names like Hunter and Collins, who have nothing to do with this story. It just comes out as though you are petulant because the party you support lost two House seats for the time being. Why?

The fact is the Republicans in the short term gained two House seats. That is a good thing, no matter how you spin it to make yourself feel better. Whether that portends anything more than that is unknown.


The seat in WI has always been in the GOP so how was this a gain? You call the Republicans winning two races ‘a good thing’. Well, that surely is a matter of opinion. Maybe not everyone backs Republicans.

Hunter and Collins were not irrelevant, by the way. Plus, folks needed an update on how their cases came out.

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