Republicans Ask for New Federal Probe of Clinton Over Emails


House Republicans formally asked federal prosecutors on Monday to investigate whether Hillary Clinton lied to Congress about classified information on her private email server.

The request from Reps. Robert W. Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, seeks an investigation into whether Clinton committed perjury and made false statements when testifying under oath before a joint committee last October.


Of course they do.


Yawn…What else is new?


And why wouldn’t we want to know if she lied to Congress or not? The FBI report clearly states that what she has said to Congress and to the American People was not true. Lying to Congress is an offense. Lying to the country may be even worse. Why would anyone want this not to be revealed? I would think Mrs. Clinton would prefer to have the truth revealed–don’t you?


The poll results regarding Clinton from a Washington Post/ABC poll and the fact she was not charged, and particularly the levels of disapproval from under 40s and liberals, are quite interesting:


It is interesting:

Similarly, Dems say by 31-68 makes them worried about her presidency.

Now, it’s true that in our new poll, a majority of Americans — 60 percent — say that the outcome of the email issue won’t effect their vote, while only 30 percent say it makes them less likely to vote for her.


It doesnt matter…The Trump ship has sailed, hit the proverbial iceberg, sunk, and has taken down a lot of good Republicans because there are not enough life boats…listen closely and you might here the band striking up Nearer my God to Thee.




This MIGHT matter (though I don’t believe it would because the law is the law and I trust Comey’s wisdom and justice) if Trump was not the presumptive Republican nominee.


Good grief. How much more time and money is Congress going to waste on this. Yes, she lied. We all know it. I don’t know if it was due to incompetence, carelessness, or cluelessness, but she screwed up in her handling of classified material, then she lied about it. She’s a politician. That’s what they do. Every one of them. But let’s be realistic. The majority of people don’t care. At least not enough to want to see her convicted. And, a majority of people would probably prefer to see her in the White House rather than the Orange Haired Buffon.

The email ship has sailed. IMHO, it’s time to move on. Let Congress get back to doing all that other important stuff they’ve been so busy with for the past few years.


The current 114th Congress just wants to try and beat their record in the 112th Congress (2011-2012)) for being the least productive congress in US history. The 113th Congress (2013-2014) was the 2nd least productive in US history:

Well, it turns out the recently concluded 113th Congress wasn’t the least productive Congress in modern history.

It was the second-least productive Congress.

Thanks to a rush of activity in its final days, 296 bills were signed into law during the 113th Congress (2013-2014), as of Dec. 19, barely surpassing the all-time low of 283 enacted during the 112th Congress (2011-2012).


Complete waste of time. Loretta Lynch is still the Attorney General, and democrats do not indict democrats.


We want her to be exposed so she will lose the election.


Maybe the best that can be hoped for is to make hers a lame duck presidency even before it begins.


This is a complete waste of time. If they are not going to do anything about her endangering our national security with her e-mails, they certainly will not do anything about her lying to Congress. There is no equality under the law, none whatsoever.


We already know she lied and this woman is incompetent. Now, the only remedy we have is to defeat her at the ballot box.


You trust Comey’s wisdom and justice? To my mind he had neither when he spoke the other day. For the first 15 minutes of his speech he laid out perfectly the reason’s why she should have been indicted and then to finish up he recommends that no charges should be preferred. The fix was in and you just have to wonder what those sleazy Clintons had on Mr. Comey.


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