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Hi all,

Other than Zenit, where do you get your Catholic news?

What are some of the, er, secular-minded Catholic news outlets?

I ask because I went to search on a topic and came across a les-than-orthodox site that was in praise of Maryland Catholics supporting same-sex civil unions.

What sites are "kosher," and which ones have a tendency to have spin?


Here’s where I go besides Zenit -

These are all sources EWTN’s news headlines come from.

Also, I go here to watch Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over.

I second the response above.

You bring up a good issue though. What you are seeing is the split between real catholic and fraudulent catholic. OK, it is not quite black and white. However, it is good to see and be aware there are some big differences.

For example, check out national catholic reporter versus the national catholic register. Whoa! What a difference.

Again, I like the sites listed already. Consider and Catholic Education Resource Center too.

Catholic Culture has a “good list” and a “blacklist” somewhere on their site. check that out.

In addition to what Sonic already mentioned, I also enjoy

*]Catholic Educator’s Resource Center (CERC) - They’re not really a news agency per se, but they pull together lots of great articles, editorials, and some news stories from other great Catholic sites and put them all in one place.
*]Catholic News Service (CNS) - They’re the quasi-official press arm of the USCCB. Some people don’t like them. I find them to be fair most of the time.
*]Catholic Exchange - They’ve got some heavy hitters doing columns for them.
*]Whispers in the Loggia - The news blog of Rocco Palmo, a freelance writer from Pennsylvania. The guy must have some serious connections because he is very well-informed as to what’s going on in the Church.
Also, I like to spread the word about the VIS blog: The Vatican website only keeps the VIS press releases up on their site for one week at a time. The blog goes all the way back to 1999.

Then of course there’s the “unholy trinity” of Catholic news (;)):

*]National Catholic Reporter

Really, though, I don’t think it’s as simplistic as putting them into “good” and “bad” categories (even if my “Favorites” menu is arranged that way :p). Even the National Catholic Reporter – which is obscenely bad in many cases – has John Allen, Jr. as their Vatican correspondent. He’s pretty well-respected in most Catholic circles and he carries himself with a fair amount of journalistic integrity. I find it useful to read other people’s takes on things. It is helpful to be familiar with their bias upfront, though. :slight_smile:

So which is reputable register or reporter??

Register. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! Thats the site I have been using recently…:slight_smile:

I forgot about this one :D:


Here is a link to an “OPML” file that has links to about 250 or so news sources that you can use in an RSS reader application, like Feedly. (Note: although the link is to a Google Drive location, you will have to download the OPML file, as it can’t be displayed in “Drive”)

There are any number of orthodox Catholic news sources, including the ones mentioned above, as well as orthodox Catholic bloggers and some good Catholic podcasts.

(Note: there are also a number of secular news links and secular blogs…the secular blogs are politically conservative while the secular news links have a variety of sources)

If you so choose, you can use a RSS aggregator site like Feedly ( and upload this OPML file and have those news sources delivered to you. I don’t know if you need instructions on how to set it up or not, if you do, I’ll be happy to expound (if not, then I won’t bother).

You’re so right about Rocco Palmo; he is as plugged in as it gets with regard to the latest Catholic “scoop”. My husband (b’cast journalist) has spoken with him several times with regard to new bishops being named, etc., and he is on the money. He came here to speak not long ago and everyone was surprised at how young he looked.

John Allen writes for the Boston Globe now, too, which is a huge step forward for them. He is well-informed and impartial.

I agree that reading a wide variety of sources is pretty much the best policy, always having a large grain of salt at the ready.

If you ever have trouble remembering which is which just remember the nickname the reporter has on here: “The National Catholic Distorter” :wink:

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