Request for a Prayer Warrior


I was wondering if anyone of you would consent to be my prayer warrior to pray for the restoration of my marriage? It would basically mean praying everyday for this restoration.
i know this is very difficult… but thank you all for all the prayers and advice that you have given me until now…


I’m at work now, on a break. When I get home I’ll see if my book of Novenas has something I can use.


thank you so much for the time and effort…

God Bless you for the thought~


Dear Mariam - My prayers are small, but I’ll remember you to Our Lord, Most Holy Mary, St. Joseph and John Paul II daily.


You could try these…here for marriage problems…and… here you can put your requests on.


THANK YOU SO MUCH… :slight_smile:


You’ve got it!:slight_smile: :gopray:


You and your husband are already constantly in my prayers.


thank you… :slight_smile:
God Bless you~


thank you for remembering me… :slight_smile:
God Bless~


I’ll add you to my Rosary intentions during my holy hours.


thank you~
God Bless you



I think of your difficult situation often- as you and I are trying to reconcile our relationships. I see improvement in mine- and hope for the same for yours. I’ll remember you in my prayers. I hope it works out for both of us. Keep praying with an open heart- and asking for the grace to accept the Lord’s will- whatever that may be!


I am happy for you for the improvement … Praise the Lord!!!:smiley:


thank you for letting me know of this novena… I have started saying it today…
God Bless~


I’m ready for battle!! I’ll be on the front lines right after I post this.


thank you!!! God Bless you~


Hi Mariam 1976,

Just wanted you to know my improvement has come after months, 4 to be exact. I was sad, depressed, but all through it he and I were still in contact with eachother. He called me almost every week - to every 2 weeks. And only after 2 months did I start calling him. I was getting so impatient, I just wanted things to work out right away. Now I realised I needed that time to pray, and to analyse myself and my ways. At the time I hated waiting, but now I’m grateful for it. He and I now speak more often, and we’ve seen eachother more often. I hope and pray the improvement continues. And I will accept God’s will- whatever that may be, but I continue to pray- without fail. You should too, when things seems most hopeless- pray more- never give up- your prayers will be answered one way of another. I’ll continue to pray for you…kee me updated.


thank you for keeping me in your prayers…
unfortunately my husband has completely broken all contact with me… there has been no attempt from his part for the past 6 months… but I am continuing to pray… although the novenas keep getting broken…
but yesterday i was able to complete the novena for Mary-Untier of knots for 9 hours… and although while doing that, I forgot about the st rita novena… suddenly i woke up in the middle of the night before 12 and was able to do it for that day…
its happened to me before that when i was full of grief, i would forgot to pray for the one thing that I was grieving about… now since I have started looking towards Jesus, I have been receiving good signs… I know that was the mistake that I made in my marriage… instead of placing Jesus first, I placed him first and expected things from him instead of placing my faith in Jesus.


Hi Mariam1976, six months is a really long time to not be in contact, I guess my situation is a bit different then, but as I prayed, the communication got more and more frequent, but he and I still have a long way to go. I have to believe that God will answer my prayers- and when he does, I’ll have the grace to accept his will. About the novenas- you need to pray form your heart- yes a novena is nine days long- but it’s more important to pray than it is to stick to a time schedule. You are very upset I think it’s understandable that sometimes you may forget- it doesn’t make you a bad person. Just keep praying…

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